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Top 8 Brunete Quotes

#1. Selling records is fantastic. But if you're not loving what you do, and if everybody is throwing knives at you, it can get old very fast.

Wes Borland

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#2. To be persuasive, We must be believable,
To be believable, We must be credible,
To be credible, We must be truthful.

Edward R. Murrow

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#3. The gospel is not something you can just tack on to another worldview. On the contrary, it makes you rethink everything from the ground up, from the center out.

Michael S. Horton

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#4. I was the one small brunete among tall blondes. You only get one body, might as well love it. Nothing is the end of the world. Flash forward a year and ask, "Is this really going to be that big of a deal? In the long run, it's really not".

Lucy Hale

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#5. Sometimes he felt as if he'd been born in the wrong century. The people of this time were all wrong for him, and he was all wrong for them. But he refused to become something he wasn't just for society's approval.

Heather Massey

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#6. Blondes are the girlfriend, brunete is the femme fatale, but the heroine, she's the redheaded girl.

Marion Roach

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#7. For Europe, for ourselves and for humanity, comrades, we must turn over a new leaf, we must work out new concepts, and try to set afoot a new man.

Frantz Fanon

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#8. That we don't remember the beginning or the ending of dreams is our unconscious reminding us that it's all about the process.

S. Kelley Harrell

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