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#1. People will make of themselves whatever they decide.

Heidi Tankersley

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#2. Being a Christian is not just about following commandments: it is about letting Christ take possession of our lives and transform them.

Pope Francis

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#3. The Nazis may write like schoolboys, but they're capable of anything. That's just why they're so dangerous. People laugh at them, right up to the last moment...

Christopher Isherwood

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#4. Life is a magnificent sacred journey of the soul.

Debasish Mridha

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#5. The little smiling cottage! where at eve
He meets his rosy children at the door,
Prattling their welcomes, and his honest wife,
With good brown cake and bacon slice, intent
To cheer his hunger after labor hard.

Edward Dyer

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#6. Love you, Ty. Every inch of you, baby, everything that is you.

Kristen Ashley

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#7. To my surprise, Brooke smiled, and I realized that even though two of the other teams had managed to bug their marks' cell phones, the information Tara and I had received might just prove it self to be even more useful.
Take that Chloe!

Jennifer Lynn Barnes

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#8. How will I be remembered by my children? This is the true measure of a man.

Brian Herbert

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#9. I still think you people need to be curious [in order to absorb the culture]. You need to search Uzbekistani pop music.


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#10. I can tell you it makes a big difference to have a director who is collaborative. What motivates a character in my mind could be completely different from what the director's thinking. You have to have those conversations ahead of time and throughout the process. It affects the performance.

Nia Long

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#11. The singer who really opened the door for me was Sarah Vaughan. But I listen to so much music, especially when I was growing up. My parents loved jazz music, so on Saturday [laughing] it would be the "Longine's Symphonettes," and on Sunday it was Mahalia Jackson.

Dianne Reeves

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#12. We go hard in the ink!


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#13. When the peace of God follows the purity of God's wisdom into our hearts and lives, it will affect those around us.

David Jeremiah

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#14. Excuses and complaints are signs of a dreamless life

Bangambiki Habyarimana

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