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#1. You'll see that the strong, the affirmative, the positive voice in any of the plays I've written is that of a woman. My men are, well, not quite worthless, but they are certainly weak, and that reflects the reality I grew up with and what I think has in a sense shaped me.

Athol Fugard

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#2. Money talks, but it don't sing and dance, and it don't walk. And long as I can have you here with me, I'd much rather be, forever in blue jeans.

Neil Diamond

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#3. If I could remake the world, I'd banish women, send them away with all their trouble. Then children would come from a purer source.


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#4. Only powerfully conceived images have the ability to penetrate the memory, to stay there, in short to become unforgettable.


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#5. every weekday morning at that exact time, barring holidays, major illnesses, or snow over her boot tops. As far as anybody knew, she didn't actually have a schedule written out, but were her day divided out on paper, that's what it would say. Courthouse steps 8:59 a.m. Out of bed at 7:30, bran

A.H. Gabhart

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