Top 12 Broken Agreement Quotes

#1. Roosevelt was determined to stop Stalin from taking over Eastern Europe. He thought they finally had an agreement on Poland. Before Roosevelt died, he realized that Stalin had broken his agreement.

W. Averell Harriman

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#2. A renegotiated agreement is not a broken one.

David Allen

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#3. All broken relationships can be traced back to broken agreements

Stephen Covey

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#4. Fills The air around with beauty.

Lord Byron

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#5. Grief doesn't kill, love doesn't kill; but time kills everything, kills desire, kills sorrow, kills in the end the mind that feels them; wrinkels and softens the body while it still lives, tots it like a medlar, kills it too at last.

Aldous Huxley

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#6. In every treaty, insert a clause which can easily be violated, so that the entire agreement can be broken in case the interests of the State make it expedient to do so.

Louis XIV

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#7. When it all comes down to it, life isn't about how much we get - it's about how much we share.

Tyler Perry

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#8. A Gentleman's agreement cannot be broken without breaking the person who has entered into it.

Carlos Ruiz Zafon

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#9. Blood and I have an unspoken agreement. It stays inside the body, and I don't throw up. Once it escapes, the agreement is broken.

Nicolette Pierce

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#10. My wife is younger. At one point, I was twice her age. Of course, I was six at the time.

Jarod Kintz

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#11. A blanket could be used to express my condolences. I'm sorry to have to tell you I'm sorry, but that's life, you know?

Jarod Kintz

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#12. My mother was sarcastic and delightful and, trust me, quite remarkable.

Kevin Spacey

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