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#1. I'm glad people think I'm a badass. I'm a rock and roller, and I'm an R&B and a blueswoman. I don't do fairy music, although I love Celtic music and sensitive music. There's a balance between ballads and kick-ass songs. - Author: Bonnie Raitt
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#2. When you love a song so much you have to sing, you know how you feel - it releases something in you that resonates as true, whether it's James Brown or Joni Mitchell. - Author: Bonnie Raitt
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#3. I'm working on a film called 'Bonnie.' Bonnie means water. It's in English, and it's dealing with a future world in a megacity - which is what the U.N. says we're going to be - but in this megacity, a city that runs out of water. - Author: Shekhar Kapur
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#4. I'm very lucky that my husband is a true partner in child-rearing. If I get home late, he gets home early or vice-versa. I travel more, and he's able to spell me when I'm gone. - Author: Bonnie Hammer
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#5. Thank God for Occupy and thank God for 'The Daily Show,' Colbert and the rising up that's going on around the world. - Author: Bonnie Raitt
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#6. I'm proud of the way I rearrange and put things together, like a chef who makes a great meal, or a filmmaker who puts together a story - it's casting, editing, cinematography. - Author: Bonnie Raitt
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#7. Bonnie and Clyde were almost like a modern-day Robin Hood, stealing 'the government's money.' I think that's a bit of why they were glorified. - Author: Lane Garrison
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#8. Whenever there's heavy-duty emotional work to be done, they call me. As for playing the completely off-the-wall, sexy, gorgeous lady that I am - no, they don't think of me. - Author: Bonnie Bedelia
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#9. We're almost like Bonnie & Clyde. Of course, he's Bonnie and I'm Clyde. - Author: Alex Riley
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#10. Dear Diary,
Oh, it's all too much to explain and you wouldn't believe it anyway. I'm going to bed.
Bonnie - Author: L.J.Smith
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#11. It's no good singing if you just want to be a pop star; you've got to work at it and do it for the love for it, not because you think it will make you famous. - Author: Bonnie Tyler
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#12. I've got my feet on the ground because I've got a lovely family waiting for me when I get home, even though they're not my flesh and blood. I haven't got children. That's my only regret, I suppose. - Author: Bonnie Tyler
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#13. The hair on your head affects people and is a testament to the world about who you are.
- Bonnie Foreshaw (Tabatha Rowley's story) - Author: Wally Lamb
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#14. Gratitude requires awareness and effort, not only to feel it but to express it. Frequently we are oblivious to the Lord's hand. We murmur, complain, resist, criticize; so often we are not grateful. - Author: Bonnie D. Parkin
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#15. That's where I live, a junkyard in a neighborhood of junkyards. We have three tractors from the 1940s and '50s, several old pickup trucks, and a pile of scrap metal. - Author: Bonnie Jo Campbell
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#16. Obviously I love writing with Katy [Pery], I feel like we're the same person when we write together. Even though we fight a lot, we fight over every line and we pull each other's hair and we cat-fight all the time, it's always worth it in the end. - Author: Bonnie McKee
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#17. We're scientists; we're curious about how nature works, but we're also do-gooders. It's fantastic to think that the same experiments we'd do to understand how information gets into cells could have a practical side to them, too. - Author: Bonnie Bassler
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#18. We've all been sick; we're all afraid of infection. I think the easiest application to help people understand what quorum sensing is and why it's important to study is to tell them that if we could make the bacteria either deaf or mute, we could create new antibiotics. - Author: Bonnie Bassler
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#19. I didn't even know how to judge 'Die Hard 1.' It's not anything I know how to judge. I'd never seen an action movie. I'd never seen a Sly Stallone movie or an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie or a Charles Bronson movie. And that is the truth. - Author: Bonnie Bedelia
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#20. It's just funny that anybody would care at all to take apart the words that I write. It's kind of cool! - Author: Bonnie McKee
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#21. And Meredith and Bonnie, who's going to bend some spoons for us next. I'm going to throw you down a rope ... that is, unless Bonnie can levitate you out. - Author: L.J.Smith
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#22. It's sad to know I'm done. But looking back, I've got a lot of great memories. - Author: Bonnie Blair
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#23. I was talking about Cady's hair," says Bonnie. "You don't have to tell her she looks dead." "It's okay," I tell Bonnie. "I don't actually care what you think, so it's perfectly okay. - Author: E. Lockhart
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#24. The land's like a woman. Tame her gently, treat her good, and you'll never be without her. Strip her bare, and she'll be colder than a whore's heart. - Author: Bonnie K. Winn
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#25. Give lettered pomp to teeth of Time, So "Bonnie Doon" but tarry; Blot out the epic's stately rhyme, But spare his "Highland Mary!" - Author: John Greenleaf Whittier
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#26. What I've learned from my own journey, and from my family's experience with cancer, is how important it is to stay positive and move forward. Not every day is going to be perfect; that's life. But staying positive is going to get you to the next day. - Author: Bonnie Blair
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#27. As a leader, it's critical to take the time to reflect in order to create a powerful vision for the company. - Author: Bonnie Marcus
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#28. I have two children - could I ever choose between them? Never. That's what 'Sophie's Choice' was about. If you have 50 children, you don't love one less. - Author: Bonnie Bedelia
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#29. Nobody tells young writers it's okay if you're not very good, you'll get better. So I just thought I'm not very good, so I should try to do every other thing besides writing. That's how I ended up being a hitchhiker, a world traveler, and a mathematician. - Author: Bonnie Jo Campbell
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#30. Sometimes I'm more true when I'm up onstage than I'm able to be in my regular life. It's not as exciting to be at home, but I've got to learn how to make that work, and then I will be an ordinary woman. - Author: Bonnie Raitt
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#31. There are lots of kinds of feminism, but ultimately it's about letting people be human beings - Author: Bonnie Greer
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#32. I do feel my loved ones that have passed on; I feel them looking over my shoulder ... So yeah, that's pretty profound, when you're not expecting it, you didn't particularly believe in it and then it just sort of happens too often to ignore. - Author: Bonnie Raitt
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#33. I'm playing with Bonnie Raitt. I don't have to sing it. I just have to play it. That's cool. - Author: Billy Preston
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#34. When I go and write with other artists - a lot of the time it's with them - it's like a therapy session almost. I ask them what they're listening to and what they're going through and what their influences are and I try to get inside of their head and step into their shoes for a second. - Author: Bonnie McKee
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#35. I don't believe in creation by committee. I think it's impossible. - Author: Bonnie Fuller
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#36. I'm really not for famous people who design a line for a company, when you know it's not really them creating it but a team of designers, especially when there are so many talented people who've taken the time to go and study fashion. - Author: Bonnie Wright
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#37. Sure the body count in this movie bothers me, but what are you gonna do? It's what everybody likes. At least it's not an awful body count - it's a fun body count. - Author: Bonnie Bedelia
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#38. It's good to have you back in town, Bonnie Blue. - Author: Cat Johnson
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#39. I guess the biggest issue my husband and I are going to have is how do we raise the baby ... because he's Jewish and I'm Protestant and the baby's father is Catholic. - Author: Bonnie McFarlane
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#40. I just have to express myself somehow, either through singing, dance or fitness. You get sick of it; you have days where you think you don't want to do it, but generally after I've done something, I feel better. That's why I do the exercise: to earn my bar of chocolate and cappuccino. - Author: Bonnie Langford
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#41. Destiny doesn't always come when it's convenient or when you think it should. It comes when you're ready, whether you know it or not. - Author: Kelly Thompson
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#42. Every time I work with Dr. Luke I learn something new. He's kind of like the Andy Warhol of pop music, where he mass produces his art but it always still has heart and always still has an emotional thread to it. I think he's really a genius and I'm so lucky to have gotten to work with him. - Author: Bonnie McKee
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#43. She has all the right equipment to look sexy, pretty even. She just overdoes everything-like she's a coloring-book women who got scribbled on by a toddler, - Author: Bonnie Shimko
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#44. I've always felt my spirit animal was a Tiger, so it's funny that now in 'Roar' with Katy Perry - which is a song we write together - there's the line: "I got the eye of the Tiger ... " So I feel like there's a little bit of me in there. - Author: Bonnie McKee
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#45. Oh, I'm starting to cry again. That's what happens when you think about life being fair. And I can't explain why it isn't ... I don't think it's something anybody knows. - Author: L.J.Smith
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#46. It is still a surprise when people tell me that I've had an influence on them, particularly when it's someone I really respect. - Author: Bonnie Raitt
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#47. I figure that I'm always going to be fine, one way or another, but I do worry about other people who have difficulty moving from one world to the next. It's the folks who are truly invested in their lives who have the hardest time with change. - Author: Bonnie Jo Campbell
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#48. No matter what, I always have expensive designer shoes. It's all about the shoes for me. - Author: Bonnie McKee
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#49. Oprah was not somebody who was telling us what to do, she wasn't really teaching us like so many people we see today. With Oprah, she was learning and we were learning with her. And I think that's really was the seed that was planted for all of us to just hang in there with her. - Author: Bonnie Hunt
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#50. I grew up in a mixed religious household. And it was volatile. My dad's atheist, my mom's agnostic. Just constant fighting. There's no God! There might be! - Author: Bonnie McFarlane
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#51. Samantha: That Harper is so up herself. Of course it could have happened at a private school. And Abigail's intentions were so noble! It's just that fourteen-year-old girls are stupid. Poor Madeline. She blamed Nathan and Bonnie, although I don't know if that was fair. - Author: Liane Moriarty
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#52. We need children to play the parts in movies. I'm just glad it's not my kids. - Author: Bonnie Bedelia
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#53. 'I Will Not Be Broken' has really become very healing for me. Any time you go through a cataclysmic event ... it's going to inform the richness that you sing from ... The experiences of life make all your emotions, I think, deeper. - Author: Bonnie Raitt
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#54. It's your life ... why not fill it with as much joy as possible? - Author: Bonnie St. John
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#55. At 3 A.M., I'm still up watching videos of jazz heroes I never saw live. It's so thrilling. And not just the music. The Internet is changing the future of fund-raising. I'm thrilled by the potential. - Author: Bonnie Raitt
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#56. My mum was a wonderful mother. She died, aged 80, of Alzheimer's disease, which was dreadful to watch. I remember she said to me: 'Believe in yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.' I'm sure a lot of my success is due to her words of advice. - Author: Bonnie Tyler
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#57. I was having a lovely day. It's always a lovely day, for tooth decay. - Author: Eddie Wright
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#58. I think it's creepy if a guy says, I would never hit a girl. Cause that should go without saying. That's like if you ever heard a guy go, I would never crap in a hot tub. - Author: Bonnie McFarlane
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#59. I love writing with Adam Lambert. He's really funny and very fun, he's a great friend. - Author: Bonnie McKee
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#60. There's something about the Strat's shape that is at once masculine and feminine - Author: Bonnie Raitt
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#61. My mother, who died aged 82, had Alzheimer's. Losing your memory is bad enough, but everything shuts down. You can't remember how to eat or go to the toilet. It's a terrible disease and so distressing to watch it take over someone you love. - Author: Bonnie Tyler
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#62. It's incorrect to think of bacteria as these asocial, single cells. They are individual cells, but they act in communities, exactly the way people do. - Author: Bonnie Bassler
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#63. I like to go to the movies at The Hollywood Forever Cemetery. They do this thing in The Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood where everybody sits out on the grass and they project movies and it's very romantic and very old-school Hollywood, so I love that. - Author: Bonnie McKee
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#64. We don't always get everything. And sometimes we worry too much about our circumstances. We think oh I'll be happy when I get my job back, or I'll be happy when I get a man back, but it's really about allowing God to give us joy now. - Author: Bonnie St. John
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#65. Sometimes you can be inserted into another person's life just by witnessing something you were never really supposed to be a part of. - Author: Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock
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#66. The British rockers saved me. They brought me to a different generation altogether [in the 60th]. The Who and The Yardbirds and Georgie Fame and Van Morrison and all those people. The only person who ever did my songs in [ U.S] country was Bonnie Raitt. - Author: Mose Allison
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#67. A mathematical proof is beautiful, but when you're finished, it's really only about one thing. A story can be about many things. - Author: Bonnie Jo Campbell
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#68. I earned my share same as everybody. Well, I coulda got killed same as everybody. And I'm wanted by the law same as everybody. I'm a nervous wreck, and that's the truth. I have to take sass from Miss Bonnie Parker all the time. I deserve mine. - Author: Estelle Parsons
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#69. Deegan pushed once, twice, and rolled the body in. The current's fast fingers claimed Bobby and in less than two seconds he'd slipped beneath the rippling surface. About ten yards down, he bobbed up and then disappeared again. Oh, look, Bobby was bobbing. I chuckled. - Author: Bonnie R. Paulson
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#70. I have a reoccurring dream that I'm in the ocean in New Zealand and everything is completely upside down, because it's on the other side of the planet. - Author: Bonnie McKee
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#71. A Tip from Bonnie Sue: Struggling to fill your dance card? Remember, the Lord wants to be your ultimate partner. He's the one who knows you best after all. - Author: Janice Thompson
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#72. We are all drawn to problems and solving problems. Joy doesn't demand our time. So we have to mark that time on our schedules. That's the only way you are going to get it. Five minutes, three times a day in your schedule. That's doable. - Author: Bonnie St. John
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#73. When it's a funky uptempo song, you're basically having the same kind of release you would have when you have sex, only it lasts longer. Whether you're playing it on the guitar or on the dance floor, you're in that moment. - Author: Bonnie Raitt
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#74. If you can take it to the next level and really tell an interesting story in a unique and fresh way, then I feel like that's a great song. - Author: Bonnie McKee
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#75. Where have all the good men gone, and where are all the gods? Where's the street-wise Hercules, to fight the rising odds? - Author: Bonnie Tyler
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#76. When I moved to Seattle in fourth grade, I joined the Seattle Girls' Choir. It's a world-class choir, and we competed, toured Europe, and went and sang at the Vatican, so it was a really awesome experience to have that young. - Author: Bonnie McKee
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#77. I like Destiny's Child. - Author: Bonnie Wright
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#78. I've been singing since I was 16 because I love it - I wanted to be a singer, not a star. There's a difference between wanting to be famous and wanting to sing well. - Author: Bonnie Tyler
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#79. Granma's name was Bonnie Bee. I knew that when I heard him late at night say, 'I kin ye, Bonnie Bee,' he was saying, 'I love ye,' for the feeling was in the words. - Author: Forrest Carter
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#80. I think it's our job to write about what we're going through at the moment, and being 41, I'm not going to write about the same things I wrote about at 20. I don't think artists should be farmed out to pasture just because they're in rock n' roll. - Author: Bonnie Raitt
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#81. The antidote to envy is one's own work. Always one's own work. Not the thinking about it. Not the assessing of it. But the doing of it. The answers you want can come only from the work itself. - Author: Bonnie Friedman
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#82. Bonnie and Clyde grew up in absolute poverty. They didn't go to school or have any money; the only way they could figure out how to get ahead was to steal. The banks were foreclosing on everyone's homes. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to that struggle. - Author: Jeremy Jordan
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#83. It's really fantastic because families can come to my shows and they all like it. It's really weird. - Author: Bonnie Tyler
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#84. That's why I have to be a fiction writer, because I can't remember what just happened or where I went last week or what movie I just watched with my husband. I'm better off just making things up. - Author: Bonnie Jo Campbell
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#85. How in the world had Bonnie managed to get Madeline's ex-husband out of bed at that time of morning to go to work in a homeless shelter? Nathan wouldn't get up before eight a.m. in the ten years they'd been together. Bonnie must give him organic blow jobs. "Abigail - Author: Liane Moriarty
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#86. Damon's voice was no louder than before. "Get away from my brother." Bonnie could feel it inside him, a swell of Power like a tsunami. He continued, "Before I tear your heart out. - Author: L.J.Smith
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#87. I am probably more critical of myself than anyone else, I am very tiny - 5'1 and a half inches - so there's nowhere for weight to hide. - Author: Bonnie Langford
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#88. When I put something on, and I stand up much straighter, that's when I love to wear clothes. - Author: Bonnie Wright
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#89. It's still there- my own heart, cobbled together and a little worse for wear- but it's definitely not all beat out. - Author: Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock
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#90. My sister might be dumb, but that doesn't make her all that different from the rest of us. She's just like any other American. Except she's Canadian. And retarded. - Author: Bonnie McFarlane
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#91. If our spirit is submitted to the Holy Spirit, we will make choices according to the Father's will and stay on His highway. - Author: Bonnie Jones
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#92. Let's give them something to talk about. - Author: Bonnie Raitt
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#93. My job is to teach someone something they never knew, but it should not be like you're in a prisoner-of-war camp. I'm supposed to be teaching you but also entertaining you. You're giving me an hour of your time. It should be lively. We're on a hunt, it's a mystery, and it's amazing. - Author: Bonnie Bassler
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#94. Stories hang from the trees, hive under the coffee table, gather like glass on the corners of the road. To pick them up one needs simply to focus one's eye and keep a steady hand. Writing focuses the eye; writing develops the steadiness of one's hand. - Author: Bonnie Friedman
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#95. There's something I call telegenekicity, and it's not about just models. Of course, I can reference Iman, Tatiana Patitz, Kelly Emberg, Bonnie Berman - I go all the way back - but I think that you develop an eye to register iconic images - like Greta Garbo and Elizabeth Taylor. - Author: Michael Flutie
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#96. My second wife Bonnie Owens and I worked together after we divorced for a period of maybe 20 years. And I managed to stay friends with another wife. And then there's one that I don't mess with. Everybody's got one of those. - Author: Merle Haggard
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#97. Superficial pop will always exist - there've always been Fabians - but when people like Dire Straits and Bruce Hornsby start having hits, it suggests that there's a revolution going on in music. - Author: Bonnie Raitt
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#98. For years I used to try to straighten my hair, but I've reached a stage where I think, 'I've got red curly hair, and it's actually really great.' - Author: Bonnie Langford
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#99. He's seriously good looking. I was kind of hoping he was into guys because I've never seen him take an interest in girls before-but he was fixated on you like he was afraid you would evaporate or something. - Author: Bonnie Erina Wheeler
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#100. Intellectually, I think everyone really knows that women are funny, but it's a weird thing that people keep trotting out. - Author: Bonnie McFarlane
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