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Top 13 Bidirectional Quotes

#1. Some persons are so devotional they have not one bit of true religion in them. - Author: Benjamin Haydon
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#2. You can have a great lyric and a so-so melody; it's going to be a tough sell. - Author: Herb Alpert
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#3. It is more agreeable to have the power to give than to receive. - Author: Winston Churchill
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#4. Beauty comes naturally, but it's hard to be stunning by accident. - Author: David Levithan
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#5. I am so mad with love that mad men say to me - be still! - Author: Rumi
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#6. There isn't a person at the Koch brothers events who would not get a good return on their investment by investing in [Santorum] as president, because of what they believe about the free enterprise system. - Author: Foster Friess
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#7. Both men felt uncomfortable. Each knew the other understood him. That kind of knowledge is agreeable for friends, and for enemies very disagreeable, especially when they can't either have it out or separate. - Author: Ivan Turgenev
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#8. A sincere and steadfast co-operation in promoting such a reconstruction of our political system as would provide for the permanent liberty and happiness of the United States. - Author: James Madison
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#9. I used to think that the great thing about sculpture was that, like Stonehenge, it was something that stood against time in an adamantine way, and was an absolute mass in space. Now I try to use the language of architecture to redescribe the body as a place. - Author: Antony Gormley
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#10. ADVENTITIOUS (ADVENTI'TIOUS) adj.[adventitius, Lat.]That which advenes; accidental; supervenient; extrinsically added, not essentially inherent. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#11. One neural network called bidirectional associative memory (BAM) allows you to provide the value and receive the key. - Author: Jeff Heaton
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#12. Because I demand to be treated like the unique snowflake I am. - Author: Caprice Crane
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#13. I have a better head of hair than Rick Perry; it's just not in a place I can show you. - Author: Kinky Friedman
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