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#1. You should be dead," he said, his voice full of wonder. "How is it that you're still alive?"
Jaw clenched, I worked at his grip on me, trying to get my fingers between him and my wrist. "I work hard at it. - Author: Kim Harrison
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#2. I play golf, and I play chess, and sometimes I go to the gym. On the airplane or between acts when I do the performance, I play Candy Crush to forget what happens around me, just to be alone, not thinking ... You need to clear your brain. - Author: Ildar Abdrazakov
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#3. Admit it, you want to be fucked and it's not Emen, that dull fuck, you want to feel saddled fast and riding hard between your legs. It's me. My bruises on your skin, my bite marks for you to wear as if it were the finest jewelry. - Author: Penny Alley
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#4. The Met is such a powerful place for me because it's a natural connection between the ancient world and the modern world. And when you're dealing with ancient mythology, trying to put a modern spin on it, you really can't do much better than to call on the Met. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#5. I was always interested in drawing and creating, but it never really occurred to me that I could pursue art as my profession until my mid twenties. From all I had heard from other people, art was just something you do as a hobby in between your real work and real jobs. - Author: Julie Dillon
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#6. Would not feel me between your teeth. Come, take these two wicked girls, they are tender morsels for you, fat as young quails; for mercy's sake eat them!' The bear took no heed of his words, but gave the wicked creature a single blow with his paw, and he did not move again. The girls had run away, - Author: Jacob Grimm
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#7. Let go of me, Celt, or I'll rip your arm off. And you know what? I don't care if I lose both of mine in the process. That's the difference between us. Pain is my friend and ally. You fear it. (Zarek) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#8. Even in your absence I fight with you in my mind, I laugh with you in my mind.
That's how the strong connection exists between you and me. It will be forever. - Author: Emma Brynstein
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#9. Picture the rest of your life without Del and give me a one word description of it."
"I can't decide between bleak or pathetic," Tyler admitted finally. "There you go. - Author: Shayla Black
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#10. Take your hate out on me, show me how much you hate me. Show me how much I hurt you." "What? You're crazy," she squeaked, backing away from me. "And I'll show you how much I've always wanted you, how fuckin' sorry I am. I'll make you forget everything," I said, closing the distance between us again. - Author: Ellie R. Hunter
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#11. I think that part of my success was the fact that I would literally threaten your life if you got in-between me and what I wanted to do with my music. I was so drunk and in-your-face and so ADHD and so unhinged that I kind of got what I wanted. - Author: Richard Patrick
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#12. I tell you, the difference for me is between being victimized, terrorized, numbed by reading about different disasters, or reducing the anxiety by getting up and doing something about it, at whatever level. - Author: Ted Danson
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#13. Let me give you one piece of advice. Do not get between a woman and her cause. - Author: Jenny Holiday
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#14. I'm going to say something. And it's the only time I'll say it because I don't ever want things to be weird between us." He looked me in the eye. "I like you, Liv. A lot. And I know we've got something here. - Author: Alicia Kobishop
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#15. Miko: You would stand between me and this evil murderer?

Hinjo: I'll stand between any two murderers I wish, thanks. - Author: Rich Burlew
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#16. You believe that all humanity came from Adam and Eve, and humans have not evolved at all since. So tell me; between the two of them, which was black, which was white, and which was Asian? - Author: Richard Dawkins
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#17. I stand between two worlds. I am at home in neither, and I suffer in consequence. You artists call me a bourgeois, and the bourgeois try to arrest me ... I don't know which makes me feel worse. - Author: Thomas Mann
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#18. So between you and me," I tell Justine on the phone that night, "we're either bitchy or stupid."
"Oh God," she moans. "Everyone thinks I'm an idiot."
"Thanks! - Author: Melina Marchetta
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#19. Drink me in, like you would your morning coffee, in tiny sips, in between your thoughts and passing glimpses of candor. I want a taste of me in you. - Author: Nessie Q.
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#20. We groove off of everything, any sort of live show. The inner dialogue you're having with yourself, between you and the music, is for me the search for God. - Author: Tina Weymouth
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#21. The difference between me in my work and the me who is here in front of you is that on the page I create a consistency, a voice that must sound really reliable; whereas in person I am free - obviously! - to sound every which way. - Author: Vivian Gornick
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#22. The difference between Namath and me is that when you make the money he makes, they say you're ruggedly handsome. When you make the money I make, they say you have a big nose. (On resembling Joe Namath) - Author: Jim Valvano
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#23. You're lost, broken, and completely fucked up. You're not like me, but you want to be. The difference between us is that I still have hope and you lost yours a long time ago. - Author: H.M. Ward
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#24. Rose once told me "If your eyes weren't open, you wouldn't know the difference between dreaming and waking."
Adrian Ivashkov to Sydney Sage - Author: Richelle Mead
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#25. I want this," he said softly, leaning over and kissing me between the shoulder blades. "I need to own you. All of you. Make you scream and realize that you belong to me and I belong to you and nothing else matters. I can't let you slip away from me, babe. - Author: Joanna Wylde
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#26. You're soaked, so hungry for my cock." His fingers did another
Up-and-back through her slick, quivering flesh. "Desperate to
feel me thrusting between these pretty lips. - Author: Sherilee Gray
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#27. Between you and me, it's nice to have it affirmed now and again. It's good to keep your skills up to par, don't you agree? - Author: Ashlan Thomas
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#28. One day, tens of millions of years from now, someone will find me rusted into the mud of a world they have never seen, and when they crumble me between their fingers, it will be you they find. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
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#29. I usually work with the director and it's just a collaboration between me and the one person. I think you make good movies that way. If the director and the composer can have this common goal and this excitement about making something great, then you're going to do something good. - Author: Howard Shore
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#30. I dare because I want no misunderstanding between us. I am everything you think I am, but I love your daughter, and what I love, I protect with all of the violence in me, which, as you've guessed, is considerable. - Author: Jeaniene Frost
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#31. I choose you, Sayer. Lover, lawyer, and all the shit you are in between that, I choose it. I choose us. when you're ready to accept that, you come find me. - Author: Jay Crownover
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#32. With the computer and stuff, the difference between a rich guy and a poor guy, to me, is nothing. Because I don't like big houses, I don't drive a car, so you know, I just live in a small apartment and I have my computer, which is really cool. - Author: Norm MacDonald
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#33. Now you fear punishment and beg for your lives, so I will let you free, if not for any other reason so that you can see the difference between a Greek king and a barbarian tyrant, so do not expect to suffer any harm from me. A king does not kill messengers. - Author: Alexander The Great
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#34. What are a few false promises among friends, angel?"
"They're the difference between you and me ... that's what they are."
Vernon Kraft meets Ajax in The Ragtime Coven, coming soon! - Author: Bruce Jenvey
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#35. Damnation. She needed him inside her. All the way. Now. "If you don't take me now I'm going to be forced to rape you." Trulie slid her hand down between them, grabbed his cock and aligned it for immediate entry.
"As you will it," Gray chuckled. - Author: Maeve Greyson
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#36. If I know what to spec, and I can measure it, and there are no unpredictable interdependencies between what you do and what I must do in response, then an economist would say that is sufficient information for a market to emerge between you and me. - Author: Clayton Christensen
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#37. I find acting in contact lenses is bizarre to me, because there's just a giant filter between you and the world. I know it sounds painfully, ridiculously obvious, but it's true. You're just so detached. - Author: Matthew Rhys
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#38. As far as prayer is concerned it is my freedom, it is my individual concern with God. If I am answerable, I am answerable to God, not to you. I am not praying to you, I am praying to God, and if I am praying wrongly, it is a matter to be settled between me and God. Who are you? - Author: Osho
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#39. When I was working with Robert Frank, he told me that there was absolutely no relationship between cinema and photography. I challenge that. Surely what you know as a photographer must impact how you set up your shots. - Author: Ralph Gibson
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#40. Don't make me have to choose between what I want and what you think I need. 'Cause I'll always be your little girl, but even little girls have got to dream. - Author: Miley Cyrus
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#41. Oh you, unceasing sun, to me Your particles communicate The luminous essence of God, Are you our God? I do not know. Intoxicated, I say nought, Bewitched by the magic potion. I cannot differentiate Between my drunk and sober state. - Author: Rumi
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#42. ...I'm trying to tell ya something bout my life,,maybe give me insight between black and white,,and the best thing you'd ever done for me is to help me take my life less seriously--it's only LIFE afterall... - Author: Indigo Girls
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#43. Darkness all around, smoke in between my fingers, all you have given me dear, sorrow and sadness to sing here. - Author: Santosh Kalwar
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#44. Me and success are two things you don't wanna find yo ass between. Back against the wall like plasma screens. - Author: Drake
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#45. The biggest danger in sailing is not the open ocean. It's hitting things. So if I have a thousand miles between me and land, a storm doesn't really upset me. If the boat's set up right, you get beat up a little bit, but the boat's going to handle it fine. - Author: John Moffitt
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#46. I certainly don't believe you documentary filmmakers. Like me, you are involved in making fiction, and your fiction is just as well organized and just as well predicated, but the big difference between me and you is that I'm honest and you're dishonest. I know I'm telling you lies. - Author: Peter Greenaway
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#47. Visualization - it's been huge for me. Your mind doesn't know the difference between imagination and reality. You can't always practice perfectly - my fingers will play a little bit out of tune, or my dance moves might not be as sharp - but in my mind, I can practice perfectly. - Author: Lindsey Stirling
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#48. She informed me, matter-of-factly, that she was old enough to know the difference between intriguing and fucked up. "You should go for younger women," she advised me. "They can't always tell. - Author: Tana French
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#49. You know there is a thin line between love and hate. Maybe you loved me and didn't realise - Author: Kirsty Moseley
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#50. I'll take you hard, and soft, and every way in between." He grips my face in his hands and looks down at me, his nose touching mine. "I'm going to fuck the shit out of you."
Oh God, yes!
"And I'm going to make love to you until you're shaking and don't remember who you are. - Author: Kristen Proby
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#51. They're not going to come between us, though, because I'm crazy about you and have been for a long time."
"That's not good enough for me. Although, being crazy for me is a good start. It's just not enough for me since I happen to love you. - Author: Lynetta Halat
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#52. I'm waiting for you," he murmured, smiling a slow, familiar grin that seemed to hint at a secret
between them.
And for the first time, Michele and the mirror reflection were in sync as they both whispered, "Me
too. - Author: Alexandra Monir
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#53. The heart of the matter seems to me to be the direct interaction between one's making a poem in English and a poem in the language that one understands and values. I don't see how you can do it otherwise. - Author: Robert Fitzgerald
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#54. What turns me on about the digital age, what excited me personally, is that you have closed the gap between dreaming and doing. You see, it used to be that if you wanted to make a record of a song, you needed a studio and a producer. Now, you need a laptop. - Author: Bono
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#55. They say when you look in dark places you find dark things.
And trust me; I have been in some very dark places. - Author: Sean Catt
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#56. I missed you so fucking much, baby," he told her between placing frantic open- mouth kisses down her jawline and neck. "Every day. Every second of every day I missed you. It hurt like hell being away from you. It nearly wrecked me ... having to see you and not being able to have you. - Author: Caisey Quinn
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#57. I don't consider myself a moral man. I do not philosophize about life or bother with laws and principles that govern most people. I do not pretend to know the difference between right and wrong. But I do live by a certain kind of code. And somethimes, I think, you have how to shoot first. - Author: Tahereh Mafi
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#58. This is a difference between being a governor and being in a legislature. Because when something doesn't work in New Jersey, they look at me, say: "Why didn't it get done? Why didn't you do it?" You have to be responsible and accountable. - Author: Chris Christie
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#59. Doc seemed to gather himself to say something important, and spoke as firmly as he could, though his voice was somewhere between a whisper and a whine. Wyatt, I cannot make you another denture. No more fights. You get that mad again, shoot the bastard. Promise me. - Author: Mary Doria Russell
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#60. Hey-"I called. Liam stopped, turning back up to look at me. " Be careful.'
His blue eyes flicked back and forth between Cate and me.
" You too, darlin'. - Author: Alexandra Bracken
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#61. I am a storyteller, spiraling fantasy and reality into mystical tales. That eerie space between fact and fiction, where only the brightest light can scare the shadows - you will find me there. - Author: Sara Frost
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#62. I know it. Just as I know if you made it a choice between you and me, I wouldn't stand a chance. - Author: Nora Roberts
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#63. The fact of the matter is that the world does not care about you or me, our hopes, our desires, or our dreams. And, the world of dreams, hopes, and desires that is constructed between our ears it is not necessarily a reflection of what is actually going on around us. - Author: Miyamoto Musashi
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#64. You should hear what my parents wanted to call me. It was between Brown Rice, Neon Hitch and Z. Ziggurat Zanzibar Zandorf. I'm not joking. Imagine fitting that on my passport! - Author: Neon Hitch
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#65. In the beginning of life, when we are infants, we need others to survive, right? And at the end of life, when you get like me, you need others to survive, right?' His voice dropped to a whisper. 'But here's the secret: in between, we need others as well. - Author: Mitch Albom
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#66. I want you to realize that you are not a superhero, you are not bulletproof. You need me to protect you, and I need to do it.
All I want is to stand between you and the world ... please just let me.
Sam to Jory - Author: Mary Calmes
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#67. I don't really think it's appropriate for me to be picking and choosing in the primaries. It's pretty dumb politics for a Republican to choose between Republicans in a contested primary because obviously you're going to be offending some people. - Author: John Cornyn
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#68. My mom always wanted a bunch of kids, but they stopped after me. I never understood why."
His voice was wistful. Haven closed the distance between them and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Maybe they realized they created perfection when they made you and didnt need anymore. - Author: J.M. Darhower
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#69. You ... you got rid of that dress fast," I pointed out between heavy breaths. "I thought you liked it."
"I do like it," he said. His breathing was as heavy as mine. "I love it."
And then he took me to the bed. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#70. What are the differences between me and you, I stand up and continue you just stay down and don't move and you think that nobody will touch. But when you are down, you always easy to be attacked - You will find down "IT" :D :D - Author: Deyth Banger
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#71. I couldn't love anyone more than I do you, it would kill me. And I couldn't love anyone less because it would always feel like less. Even if I loved some other girl, that's all I would ever think about, the difference between loving her and loving you. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#72. I didn't realize how angry and jealous it would make me to see you being held by another man, and when he dropped his hands to your ass and thrust his leg between yours I wanted to rip his fucking head off and then spin around the room holding it up like a warning sign. - Author: Jen Frederick
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#73. You're torn between wanting to be closer and wanting to push me away," he said. "So I vote for closer. I'll always vote for closer. - Author: Martina Boone
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#74. I'm sorry," he said remotely. "For what just happened between you and me." She - Author: J.R. Ward
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#75. Books are a weird collaboration between author and reader: You trust me to tell a good story, and I trust you to bring it to good life in your mind. - Author: John Green
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#76. I think of sardines and their backbones. You can eat their backbones. The bones crumble between your teeth; one touch and they fall apart. This must be what my own backbone is like: hardly there at all. What is happening to me is my own fault, for not having more backbone. - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#77. There could be nothing worse than choosing between two children. Ask me to choose between my right arm and my left and I will give you one. But ask me to choose between two of my children and my heart shatters into a thousand pieces. - Author: Nadia Hashimi
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#78. Laws of physics laws of love of time and space and the (in)between place (in)between you and me and where we are lost and looking looking and lost - Author: Kami Garcia
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#79. It is not theatre that is indispensable, but something quite different. To cross the frontiers between you and me. - Author: Jerzy Grotowski
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#80. When it's time to settle into the serial monogamy inherent in writing a book (although, between you and me, I secretly practice biblio-polygamy - I can't help myself), - Author: Cathleen Rountree
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#81. You're going to listen to me, and for once you're going to hear what I say and not read between lines that aren't there. - Author: Genna Rulon
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#82. Just between you and me,' Mosca whispered, 'radicalism is all about walkin' on the grass. - Author: Frances Hardinge
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#83. It seems to me that in the orbit of our world you are the North Pole, I the South
so much in balance, in agreement
and yet ... the whole world lies between. - Author: Thomas Wolfe
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#84. You think once you've shown what you can do, and your movies have been successful, that snap, you work. So to discover the difference between guys' roles and girls' roles made me plain mad. It's unjust. - Author: Connie Nielsen
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#85. I don't think you're entitled to read my mail between my daughters and me. - Author: George W. Bush
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#86. Which made me laugh, of course. If you ever want to get truly hysterical, just get really, really scared, and then have somebody say something funny. You get caught between the laugh and the sob, and it's hard to find your way out. - Author: Kristen D. Randle
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#87. You had a bet. You couldn't lose a bet. If you had a choice between me and winning, you'll choose winning every time. It's still true. - Author: Jennifer Echols
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#88. Personally, I don't choose any particular religion or symbol or group of words or teachings to define me. That's between me and the most high. You know, my higher self. The Creator. - Author: Erykah Badu
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#89. You've got my come drying between your thighs right fucking now. And bruises in the shape of my fingers on your body. You. Are. Mine. And there's nothing you can say or do to change that. Don't fucking test me, my bella, because I'm running out of patience. - Author: Jessica Prince
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#90. Mike Leigh taught me about making choices - as an actor, you choose between being honest and clever, and with Mike, it's always about being honest. I learned how to behave on a film set from Jim Broadbent. He was a great example of someone with a fantastic career who kept his feet on the ground. - Author: Eddie Marsan
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#91. Do you know there is always a barrier between me and any man or woman who does not like dogs? - Author: Ellen Glasgow
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#92. I'm truly sorry that I ruined you," I whisper into her hair as her breathing begins to show signs of sleep. "Me, too," she breathes, and regret fills in the little spaces between us as she drifts off. - Author: Anna Todd
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#93. I don't think you should write something as long as a novel around anything that is not of the gravest concern to you and everybody else and for me this is always the conflict between an attraction for the Holy and the disbelief in it that we breathe in with the air of the times. - Author: Flannery O'Connor
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#94. If you really want to give me advice, do it on a Saturday afternoon between one and four o'clock, when you've got 25 seconds to do it, between plays. Don't give me advice on Monday. I know the right thing to do on Monday. - Author: Alex Agase
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#95. I can see you, out there, reading between the lines. Come home, stranger. Come home, untangler of my thoughts. Come home and tell me, what do I do with this breaking heart of mine? - Author: Kamila Shamsie
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#96. Give me a number between one and twenty."
Unable to see where this was going, she shrugged. "Eleven."
"You lose. Now strip off your clothes. - Author: Suzanne Wright
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#97. Whenever I get to talk to young girls like me I always say, 'The only difference between you and I is that I know that I'm special and you just don't know that you are yet.' - Author: Keke Palmer
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#98. Do you become in visible?'
'No. I'm there, if you know how to look. I stand between the place you look at and the place you see. Behind what you expect to see. If you expect to see me, you do. I listen in places where no one expects me to be. - Author: Patricia A. McKillip
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#99. Ultimately, when he held your treasonous letter in his hand and saw how you had lied to him, the choice between me and you was the choice between someone who loves him and someone who didn't. - Author: Marie Rutkoski
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#100. The friendship between me and you I will not compare to a chain; for that the rains might rust, or the falling tree might break. - Author: George Bancroft
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