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#1. Why so pale and wan, fond lover,
Prithee, why so pale?
Will, when looking well can't move her,
Looking ill prevail?
Prithee, why so pale? - Author: John Suckling
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#2. It's probably the best memory I have from my whole life. Just waiting to see some dolphins that never came. - Author: Xo
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#3. Never, under any circumstances, let the Virginian wolfsnake near a typewriter. - Author: Lemony Snicket
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#4. My brother and I used to try to derail a train over and over again. We didn't know any better. - Author: Carolyn Meinel
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#5. Lovers are fools, but Nature makes them so. - Author: Elbert Hubbard
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#6. Grief is not a fleeting emotion. This pain would be inside me for a long time, and all I could do was learn to live with it and hope that, someday, I'd be able to breathe again without hurting. - Author: Karen Lynch
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#7. My motto - sans limites. - Author: Isadora Duncan
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#9. Art need not be intended. It comes inevitably as the tree from the root, the branch from the trunk, the blossom from the twig. None of these forget the present in looking backward or forward. They are occupied wholly with the fulfillment of their own existence. - Author: Robert Henri
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#10. There is, in every event, whether lived or told, always a hole or a gap, often more than one. If we allow ourselves to get caught in it, we find it opening onto a void that, once we have slipped into it, we can never escape. - Author: Brian Evenson
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#11. My favorite songwriting trick is writing something like 'XO.' In my brain, I thought, 'This is probably going to be a love song. How can I change that and find ways to twist that.' As a songwriter, it's your job for the song to take twists and turns that people don't expect. - Author: Kelsea Ballerini
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#12. Yes, you're in charge. That makes me XO, and it's the XO's job to tell the captain when he's being an idiot. You're being an idiot, sir. - Author: James S.A. Corey
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#13. Another was: You're a babe. Tickle my feet. XO Beulah - Author: R.J. Palacio
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#14. Love is the only mirror we must use to judge ourselves and others. - Author: Bodie Thoene
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#15. Tell me what you need, and I'll tell you how to get along without it. - Author: Scott Adams
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#16. One of the arguments here at OLPC is, if 100 million kids could have an Asus running Windows, is that better with two million kids running the XO? And the answer is yes. We want kids connected and the largest possible number is the goal. - Author: Nicholas Negroponte
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#17. Now I've done it. Only one line to say I love you. And I do. Be safe. XO Rita - Author: Suzanne Hayes
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#18. People who believe in ghosts think that dead people can walk through locked doors. Nonsense - they have to use a key like the rest of us. - Author: John Avery
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#19. I'm a big James Bond fan. I've got a collection of them. - Author: Heikki Kovalainen
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#20. Really, I think my tippy state was a sign. I was supposed to see how much I was depending on Ben. I was supposed to realize that you can't depend on another person to provide your own balance. - Author: Kristen Tracy
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#21. It seemed as if I could see things in her that others couldn't see, qualities which not even she was aware of. It was as I I could already see in her the woman she would later become. - Author: Guillaume Musso
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#22. rifle, you best grab one now," the XO tells the civilians. I have the rifle from the drop ship, - Author: Marko Kloos
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#23. Find your way, create the future. - Author: Akbar De Wighar
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