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#1. I think a film noir demands a beginning and an end. - Author: Claire Denis
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#2. It's raining in Washington tonight. Plump, warm summer rain that covers the sidewalks with leopard spots. Downtown, elderly ladies carry their houseplants out to set them on the fire-escapes, as if they were infirm relatives or Boy Kings. I like that. - Author: Alan Moore
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#3. Either you're going to shoot us or you're not. The ball always lands on red or black, never both. - Author: V. Alexander
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#4. No viticultural region in America has demonstrated as much progress in quality and potential for greatness as ... the Santa Barbara region, where the Burgundian varietals Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are planted in its cooler climates. - Author: Robert M. Parker Jr.
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#5. My free hand reached for something to hold on to, and closed on liquid nothing. - Author: Ross Macdonald
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#6. Maya, Indian goddess of illusions. Siren of shipwrecked sailors. If only you lactated Pinot Noir, you'd be perfect. - Author: Rex Pickett
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#7. You do know I'm not psychic, right?'
Dash looked down at her. ' do know that normal people don't see ghosts, right? - Author: Amy Andrews
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#8. The only thing altruism will get you here is a boot stomping on your head. - Author: Henry Mosquera
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#9. A convoluted noir infused extravaganza clogged with humans but also a bizarre cluster of unique creatures and provocative human chimeras customized via genetic manipulation and body augmentation, a reverie of alluring cultural ferment and cyberdelic imagery making a grand display - Author: Unknown
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#10. He looked as if he'd got a lot of pleasure out of going ten rounds with your grandmother and making sure she went the whole distance. - Author: Richard Brautigan
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#11. One of the crazies moved into the cone of light beneath a streetlight. It was a black man, high-stepping and making jerking movements with his arms. He made a crisp turn and began moving back into the darkness. He was a trombone player in a matching band in a world somewhere else. - Author: Michael Connelly
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#12. Foreign food isn't really my thing. I tasted whale once, and I was sick for a week. - Author: Steen Langstrup
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#13. And I've met a very wonderful woman," I said.

"They're all wonderful," Haller said.
"Well, many of them," I said.
"I love them," Haller said. "The way they talk, how they smell, the way they touch their hair, everything."
"I know," I said. - Author: Robert B. Parker
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#14. Shopping is never over," Susan said. "It is merely suspended. - Author: Robert B. Parker
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#15. Jack ordered a bottle of pinot noir, and they perused the menu while they chatted. "So you were at Georgetown." Melanie said it as a statement. - Author: Tom Clancy
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#16. The noir hero is a knight in blood caked armor. He's dirty and he does his best to deny the fact that he's a hero the whole time. - Author: Frank Miller
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#17. Andrew Vachss, the best noir-ey writer in the history of the genre, called cats the lap dancers of the animal world. Give them attention, they're there. Stop, they're outta there. - Author: MaryJanice Davidson
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#18. I've been embracing the red lip and just wearing it every day, not just for going out. And I get so many compliments on it. I love the Julie Hewett Rouge Noir: it's sort of a forties red. - Author: Stephanie March
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#19. Every novel presents a slice of life. A noir policier for example presents one slice, one that perhaps addresses social dysfunction or some sort of pathology, while mine present a slice that is more upbeat and affirmative. - Author: Alexander McCall Smith
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#20. You and I are black and white - a film noir, filled with gestures, poignant and tender - Author: John Geddes
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#21. [She] had a habit of putting things in that way, as though she had accidently set your house on fire and had no choice now but to stand back and watch it burn. - Author: Vu Tran
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#22. This is the Rock, sweetheart," the owner added. "There's no tragedy you can't profit from. - Author: Henry Mosquera
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#23. Sweetly, albeit hoarsely and with a burr, the girl started singing something scarcely comprehensible, but, judging by the women's faces in the stalls, very seductive:
Guerlain, Chanel no 5, Mitsuko, Narcissus noir, evening dresses, cocktail dresses.. - Author: Mikhail Bulgakov
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#24. The digital sunset always looks better than the real thing, always. Because a sunset generated by the basic package of yellow sun and blue sky is unreliable. Today it may be stunning, hypnotic. Tomorrow it may be lifeless and dull, a white sky scorched with yellow. Tomorrow the sky will be velvet. - Author: Will Christopher Baer
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#25. You ever f**k Susan here?" she said, her face almost touching mine.
"I'm impressed," I said. "The question is intrusive, annoying, coarse, and voyeuristic. That's quite a lot to get into a simple question. - Author: Robert B. Parker
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#26. Candy nodded absently.
"Okay," she said. "What shall I wear?"
"A gun," I said. - Author: Robert B. Parker
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#27. You and Galileo," I said.
"Didn't he throw his balls off the leaning tower?" Quirk Said. - Author: Robert B. Parker
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#28. As a genre, the noir of post-World War II was based on characters who were weak or repellent, bound to let down us and themselves. - Author: Steve Erickson
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#29. I had a funny feeling as I saw the house disappear, as though I had written a poem and it was very good and I had lost it and would never remember it again. - Author: Raymond Chandler
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#30. It's hard to say goodbye for good at any time or any place. It's harder still to say it through a meshed wire. It crisscrossed his face into little diagonals, gave me only little broken-up molecules of it at a time. It stenciled a cold, rigid frame around every kiss. - Author: Cornell Woolrich
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#31. That pistol I gave you is a piece of crap. You can't hit anything with it, not at that distance."
Staring at her with tears in his blinking eyes, he says, "I did."
Conversation between Alis K and Willy
The Informer - Author: Steen Langstrup
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#32. In Greek tragedy, they fall from great heights. In noir, they fall from the curb. - Author: Dennis Lehane
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#33. You're a crime fiction writer if...The injustices of this world boil your blood. You become a fucking supernova. So you write. - Author: Verge Le Noir
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#34. She's dead. So is your fat pansy. You can be dead, too, if you want. - Author: Richard Stark
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