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#1. A voice entered her mind. "Get up and run." "Who are you?" "The Phoenix. We must go now. - Author: Lia Davis
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#2. [The] humanization of mathematical teaching, the bringing of the matter and the spirit of mathematics to bear not merely upon certain fragmentary faculties of the mind, but upon the whole mind, that this is the greatest desideratum is. I assume, beyond dispute. - Author: Cassius Jackson Keyser
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#3. Art is something subversive. It's something that should not be free. Art and liberty, like the fire of Prometheus, are things that one must steal, to be used against the established order. - Author: Pablo Picasso
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#4. Giving me a a new idea is like handing a cretin a gun, but I do thank you anyhow, bang bang. - Author: Philip K. Dick
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#5. The value of the security analyst to the investor depends largely on the investor's own attitude. If the investor asks the analyst the right questions, he is likely to get the right or at least valuable answers. - Author: Benjamin Graham
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#6. Dead Prez is playing on the car's stereo, telling me that it's bigger than Hip-Hop, but I beg to differ. - Author: Kris Kidd
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#7. It is unacceptable for passengers to be stranded in planes on the tarmac for hours on end. - Author: Anthony Foxx
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#8. It wasn't until I hung out with Dead Prez and understood how to make, you know, raps with a message sound cool that I was able to just write "All Falls Down" in 15 minutes. - Author: Kanye West
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#9. Never follow or trust those who change their mind and behave differently every time. - Author: Santosh Kalwar
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