Top 19 Beautiful Princesses Quotes

#1. I believe in magic. In evil sorceresses who deep down are really beautiful princesses. I believe in immortals who live in a different world than this one, accessible by magical stone wheels.

Morgan Rhodes

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#2. Beautiful princesses and beautiful, strong queens are brainwashed into thinking ho's and B****'s are virtuous titles.

Delano Johnson

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#3. Her mom looked like a queen, like the star of some fairy tale.
Not a princess - princesses are just pretty. Eleanor's mother was beautiful.

Rainbow Rowell

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#4. Everything sounds better in Italian.

Mary Calmes

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#5. She [Pansy] pushed in next to Poppy so that she could see him around the guard's elbow. She was as tall as Poppy, with shining dark-brown hair and blue eyes. An utterly lovely girl, as all the princesses were, yet Oliver thought Petunia was far more beautiful.

Jessica Day George

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#6. Create a judgement-free environment and you'll unleash a torrent of creativity.

Alex Osborn

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#7. There are lots of actors, and you need a way to stand out. Writing comedy sketches was a way of doing that.

Sharon Horgan

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#8. But for what reason? Council,

David Baldacci

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#9. But as she continued and finished her tale, I could tell that her heart was elsewhere, and when she excused herself to go to bed, she left without saying good night. After that, the princesses in her stories were always beautiful. Always.

Kelly Barnhill

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#10. In the symphony of love, the lost chord is a small organ lying somewhat north of the vagina.

Ruth Herschberger

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#11. This kiss will consummate a part of myself with him that is newly revealed - the living and breathing substance pulsating between both of us.

Renee Ericson

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#12. Perhaps all dragons in our lives are really princesses just waiting to see us just once being beautiful and courageous.

Rainer Maria Rilke

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#13. Perhaps all the dragons of our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us once beautiful and brave.

Rainer Maria Rilke

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#14. It is better to love every person, than to wait for one person to love you.

Anis Mojgani

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#15. [T]he princesses were beautiful as the day is long and so noble they, they could pee through a dozen mattresses-

Terry Pratchett

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#16. You stay married thirty-four years, you don't have to prove who's got the bigger balls. Just take it for granted she does.

Jamie Farrell

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#17. Beautiful girls in fairy stories are as common as pebbles on the beach. Magnolia-skinned milkmaids rub shoulders with starry-eyed princesses and, in fact, counting two eyes in each bright-eyed damsel would result in a whole galaxy of twinkling stars.

Eloisa James

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#18. There is no need of words; believe facts.
[Lat., Non opus est verbis, credite rebus.]


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#19. 97. I approached the symbol, with its layers of meaning, but when I touched it, it changed into only a beautiful princess.
98. I threw the beautiful princess headfirst down the mountain to my acquaintances.
99. Who could be relied upon to deal with her.

Donald Barthelme

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