Top 6 Batu Api Quotes

#1. To learn a new language is, therefore, always a sort of spiritual adventure; it is like a journey of discovery in which we find a new world.

Ernst Cassirer

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#2. You might think you're a grown man, but I have absolutely no problem getting my spatula out and serving you up a helping of bare butt flap jacks, you hear me?

Elle Casey

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#3. The poor lads called and called, but they were grown and had forgotten the best places to hide.

J. Anderson Coats

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#4. Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.

Tehyi Hsieh

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#5. He let out a short laugh. You sound like Sherlock Holmes. You gonna pull out a magnifying glass? A pipe, maybe?

James Dashner

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#6. The principle part of faith is patience.

George MacDonald

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