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Top 8 Barkada Tampuhan Quotes

#1. Science is a good thing. News reporters are good things too. But it's never a good idea to put them in the same room. - Author: Scott Adams
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#2. Skepticism is my nature. Free Thought is my methodology. Agnosticism is my conclusion. Atheism is my opinion. Humanitarianism is my motivation. - Author: Jerry DeWitt
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#3. For men, it's absolutely essential to stop believing that they're superior to women because that very belief engenders ego, which sets them off-balance. Therefore, they don't realize that they're being manipulated by the second attention of woman because their ego won't permit them. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#4. Why should we tolerate a diet of weak poisons, a home in insipid surroundings, a circle of acquaintances who are not quite our enemies, the noise of motors with just enough relief to prevent insanity? Who would want to live in a world which is just not quite fatal? - Author: Rachel Carson
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#5. The saddest aspect of life is that there is no one on earth whose happiness is such that he won't sometimes wish he were dead rather than alive. - Author: Herodotus
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#6. While control is needed, and perfectly warranted, our bias should be clear up front: Monopolies are not justified by theory; they should be permitted only when justified by facts. If there is no solid basis for extending a certain monopoly protection, then we should not extend that protection. - Author: Lawrence Lessig
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#7. You'll be stuck in my head like a melody. - Author: Usher Raymond
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#8. Solidarity was the best thing which happened in the 20th century. - Author: Mikheil Saakashvili
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