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#1. I've written 26 books and novellas as Molly O'Keefe. I moved through three different Harlequin lines and into single-title romance with Bantam writing under that name. Fun fact: It's not my name, and it's not even one I picked.

Molly O'Keefe

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#2. He folded his hands behind his back and puffed out his chest. Reminded Lucky of a barnyard rooster. Anybody who referred to Lucky as a cocky little bantam found out pretty soon that Lucky could back up his strut, and this guy was probably the roostah who used ta, or he wouldn't be teaching.

Eden Winters

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#3. I read anything I could get my hands on: science fiction, fantasy, horror, thrillers. I even became hooked on the Bantam reprints of the old pulp novels from thirties and forties: Doc Savage, The Shadow, The Avenger.

James Rollins

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#4. I'd been at the mercy of a prick on a power trip, the kind of buttoned-up bantam rooster who gets off on control and then, when you resist him, tells you that you've got issues with control.

Norah Vincent

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#5. Bantam Press. And they commissioned me to write it. And when that was completed, they sold it to Harper and Row. And then I put it out to every movie studio in town. And they all turned it down.

William Peter Blatty

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#6. Now, look you here, Sekundar," says I, but he came up straight like a little bantam and cut me off.
"Sir Alexander. if you please," says he icily, as though I'd never seen him with his breeches down, chasing after some big Afghan bint.

George MacDonald Fraser

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#7. OUTLANDER A Delta Book PUBLISHING HISTORY Delacorte Press hardcover edition published 1991 Delta trade paperback edition/July 2001 Published by Bantam Dell A Division of Random House, Inc.

Diana Gabaldon

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#8. Bantam has an incredible team working on my books, and I'm so thrilled that the art department is so amazing, since those covers are the 'face' of my stories!

Julie Kenner

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#9. I can't say I wasn't warned. Alarms started clanging the day I signed to write 'His Way: The Unauthorized Biography of Frank Sinatra' (Bantam Books, 1986).

Kitty Kelley

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#10. I've actually published two compilations, if only barely. Hire a private detective and possibly you'll be able to locate them. One was called 'Violent Screen,' and the other 'Now Playing at the Valencia.' Bantam and Simon and Schuster.

Stephen Hunter

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#11. I'm so very happy to be here, ... My lifelong dream is to win, and I was accustomed to winning before I got to Cincinnati. From Bantam League, to middle school, high school and at Auburn, I was always on winning teams. I just want to win again.

Takeo Spikes

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#12. It was important that this album [Chain Letter] was an accurate reflection of me

Brooke Valentine

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#13. Come humans, fulfill your evolutionary purpose adn build your hound a fire. Oberon

Kevin Hearne

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#14. It's always exciting when you work on a show that's written by one person because you know that their vision is so specific. I need to find out why this person has chosen these words to communicate this thought.

Jessalyn Gilsig

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#15. Bob Dylan said, "The executioner's face is always well-hidden". That's the problem: The cross pulls that hood off.

Robert Barron

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#16. True love cannot be found where it does not exist, nor can it be denied where it does

Torquato Tasso

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#17. He was chugging brown pop from a can Jack had handed him while he stuffed nacho cheese Doritos in his face. I was glad to see he looked lots better, almost completely like himself, which proves Doritos and brown pop really are health foods.

P.C. Cast

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#18. I'm kind of a nerd in that I get really excited about things ... I love anticipating if they're going to like their rooms or not.

Paige Davis

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#19. The ending has to fit. The ending has to matter, and make sense. I could care less about whether it's happy or sad or atomic. The ending is the place where you go, "Aha. Of course. That's right."

Carrie Jones

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#20. Going out there and promoting myself socially doesn't really intrigue me. I'd much rather have my work do it for me.

Ryan Kwanten

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#21. Hope, how she had grown to hate the word. It was an insideious seed planted inside a person's soul, surviving covertly on little tending, then flowering so spectacularly that none could help but cherish it.

Kate Morton

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#22. The Englishman foxtrots as he fox-hunts, with all his being, through thickets, through ditches, over hedges, through chiffons, through waiters, over saxophones, to the victorious finish; and who goes home depends on how many the ambulance will accommodate.

Edna St. Vincent Millay

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#23. I really do believe that my style is informed by the fact that I had such issues with my appearance at various times of my life.

Stacy London

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#24. Libraries are sexual dream factories. The langour brings it on.

Siri Hustvedt

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