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Top 13 B1u12b Quotes

#1. Many complain of their memory, few of their judgment.

Benjamin Franklin

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#2. He says everything like it happened to someone else.

Brent Runyon

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#3. In fact, he'd bought it to impress me, pretending he couldn't drive manual transmission in order to spend more time with me while I taught him.

Richelle Mead

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#4. All writers must go from now to once upon a time; all must take care not to be captured and held immobile by the past.

Margaret Atwood

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#5. B1U12B. Be One You Want To Be

Johannes Masombuka

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#6. Real writers write because they love to write. They don't write for public acclaim.

Chuck Palahniuk

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#7. I'm the only person in my entire extended family that plays an instrument or sings, really. Which is kind of weird. I don't know where I got it from.

Ryan Lewis

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#8. I'm romantically inclined. No human being on Earth is not attracted to other people. There is no fairy tale that they only have eyes for you. You just choose to act on it or not.

Ben Folds

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#9. Criticism challenges current findings. The effort to defend one's position can lead to deeper insights or consideration of options previously not considered.

Robert Redford

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#10. My parents always wanted me to be a writer. That's why my middle name is "Bestselling Author." Some day I'd like to live up to it.

John Moralee

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#11. To feel sabi is to feel keenly one's own sharp and particular existence amid its own impermanence, and to value the singular moment as William Blake did "infinity in the palm of your hand" - to feel it precise and almost-weightless as a sand grain, yet also vast.

Jane Hirshfield

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#12. I could become very rich in Guatemala but by the low method of ratifying my title, opening a clinic, and specialising in allergies. To do that would be the most horrible betrayal of the two 'I's' struggling inside me: the socialist and the traveller.

Che Guevara

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#13. Persistence may not solve everything - at least in our lifetime - but it is truer to the meaning of life for us to wait for another plowing, another seeding, another harvest, then not.

Joan D. Chittister

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