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#1. There are a million little things, but one of the best ways to get to know characters is to just put them in situations and see what they say. - Author: Greta Gerwig
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#2. If you play Mark Twain and he's not funny, you are definitely not playing Mark Twain. That was the biggest challenge, in some ways. Writing and performing jokes that can come out of that brilliant delivery system he constructed: the friendly, avuncular truth-teller. - Author: Val Kilmer
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#3. Dude, he's got that mean, squinty Clint Eastwood stare that's scary as shit.[Bailey] - Author: Lorelei James
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#4. The Lord is well aware of our mortality. He knows our weaknesses. He understands the challenges of our everyday lives. He has great empathy for the temptations of earthly appetites and passions. - Author: Joseph B. Wirthlin
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#5. I do not believe in God, because I believe in man. Whatever his mistakes, man has for thousands of years been working to undo the botched job your god has made. - Author: Emma Goldman
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#6. Avuncular authority. In an abrupt, an almost peremptory letter, he laid his case, - Author: Lytton Strachey
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#7. A general principle for all user interface design is to go through all of your design elements and remove them one at a time. - Author: Jakob Nielsen
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#8. Nowhere have I ever heard of Satan taking the form of an avuncular hippie. No doubt he could. It just seems inefficient. - Author: Nick Harkaway
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#9. Academics get paid for being clever, not for being right. - Author: Donald A. Norman
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#10. Nico Tinbergen was my doctoral supervisor, and he was a benign, avuncular sort of influence; everybody loved him. - Author: Richard Dawkins
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#11. If you can capture the element of surprise, you're way ahead of the game. - Author: Jay Maisel
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#12. I try to be honest. - Author: Eric Cantona
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#13. I still can't understand how Cecil and my old tutor, Fitz, got along so well, when we often called Fitz 'the Genius' and avoided calling Cecil anything at all, so as not to be rude. - Author: Franny Billingsley
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#14. When you're out of willpower you call on stubbornness, that's the trick. - Author: Henri Matisse
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