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Top 19 Avoid Falling In Love Quotes

#1. The wrong kind of guy to fall in love with is the guy who will let go of the steering wheel as a joke. A guy who finds it amusing to make you uncomfortable, which is more common than you'd think, is someone you want to avoid. - Author: An Na
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#2. It was like bouncing tennis balls off a mystery piece of furniture and deducing, from the direction in which the balls ricocheted, whether it was a chair or a table or a Welsh dresser. - Author: Marcus Chown
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#3. A professional football team warms up grimly and disparately, like an army on maneuvers: the ground troops here, the tanks there, the artillery and air force over there. - Author: Ted Solotaroff
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#4. I Take Life Very Seriously: One Joke At A Time. - Author: Sandra Chami Kassis
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#5. I'll play a character who is getting married to a woman to avoid the draft. Ultimately they fall in love with each other, but at first it's only out of practicality. - Author: Elijah Wood
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#6. that could (poof!) - Author: Tracy Brogan
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#7. Love'? What do you know about love?"
"It's at the heart of every story," Rollo said with authority. "If humans could avoid falling in love, you would never get yourselves into any trouble. - Author: Jessica Day George
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#8. It's hard to decide matters of the heart, especially when Self-love is rooted in our decisions. You'll need to balance your needs with the people you love in order to avoid hurting others. - Author: Auliq Ice
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#9. New love might replace an earlier love, but the old love is always there, no matter what. You live your life on two levels, probably to avoid falling through without a trace if a hole appears in one of them. - Author: Henning Mankell
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#10. I pretend something scary is in front of me. - Author: Heather O'Rourke
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#11. My children - in many dimensions they're as poorly behaved as many other children, but at least on this dimension I've got my kids brainwashed: You don't use Google, and you don't use an iPod. - Author: Steve Ballmer
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#12. In Miss Catherine Middleton we have the faintest, intoxicating glimmer of a New Age Cinderella story. - Author: Hamish Bowles
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#13. Her only fault is that she lacks sense enough to avoid falling in love with such a fool as I! - Author: Seth Grahame-Smith
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#14. How can we bear this? I asked. (He took the hat from my hands and placed it gently on my head.) Because we have to. Because you will know my heart is somewhere in the world, beating for you. - Author: Beatriz Williams
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#15. In this new place we've found, sometimes there aren't words, because the truth can be even more difficult than the lies. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#16. Now he knew that it was only love when you knew there could be no end to it. When it was as inevitable as gravity. Falling in love, a helpless descent in which the only way to avoid being hurt was to keep going. Keep falling. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#17. Nobody can avoid falling in love. They might want to deny it, but friendship is probably the most common form of love. - Author: Stieg Larsson
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#18. I just think that things should be allowed to run their course, and not turned into a Disney ride. - Author: Fiona Shaw
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#19. When the air balloon was first discovered, some one flippantly asked Dr. Franklin what was the use of it. The doctor answered this question by asking another: "What is the use of a new-born infant? It may become a man." - Author: Charles Caleb Colton
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