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#1. I really love doing indie projects, I think the characters that are available in indie games especially, like a lot of the indie games I've done, have been really rich interesting characters for someone of my vocal range. - Author: Ashly Burch
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#2. Love the heart that hurts you, but never hurt the heart that loves you. - Author: Vipin Sharma
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#3. I've been a soldier, I've been a bunch of little girls, all sorts of roles that I would not have been able to be with on camera context because I just don't look the part. - Author: Ashly Burch
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#4. I've been very lucky to have had the opportunity to play a diverse cast of characters in the short time I've been a voice actor. - Author: Ashly Burch
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#5. I am going to give the American people a huge helping of unbridled truth: that we can't continue to spend what we are spending, that we can't avoid entitlement reform because we are afraid of third rail politics. - Author: Rick Perry
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#6. With voice acting it just matters what your voice can do. There are some things that I won't get over other people because my register isn't as deep as other people. So if someone wants a deep, dark, brooding villain voice then they are probably not going to pick me. - Author: Ashly Burch
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#7. Suffering can either destroy you or it can save you. Because without suffering, we don't need more; we have enough. But when we suffer, we can't help but reach out. - Author: Susan May Warren
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#8. The main thing is always try to find different voices for yourself. If you're in your car just driving somewhere you can try to start thinking about a voice you might want to do, like try a British accent. - Author: Ashly Burch
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#9. When when my first feature opportunity came along, I wasn't prepared, but we did it in about 17 days. - Author: Richard Donner
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#10. I got to try things that I might've been uncomfortable doing if I had been in a larger setting with a studio and producers looking at me. - Author: Ashly Burch
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#11. Charming Alnaschar visions! It is the happy privilege of youth to construct you, and many a fanciful creature besides Rebecca Sharp has indulged in these delightful daydreams ere now! - Author: William Makepeace Thackeray
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#12. Sometimes you don't let us talk about how we're feeling. If we feel scared, you say, 'Nothing to worry about, guys,' but that doesn't make it go away. It makes it grow. - Author: Melina Marchetta
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#13. I know reels can be expensive but even if you construct one on your own if you don't have enough money to get a more professional one while you're getting started, as far as college animators go or young indie developers I don't think they are going to care if you have the highest quality reel yet. - Author: Ashly Burch
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#14. I guess voice acting is just fun, interesting to say ... but it is. - Author: Ashly Burch
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#15. Music is colorless. It's for everybody, it's for the world, it's for everybody to enjoy. - Author: Michael Jackson
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#16. I think getting something together to showcase your voice is important. You can also watch cartoons and play games and just kinda listen, and try to see how the design of the character matches to the voice. - Author: Ashly Burch
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#17. For women and men, but especially women, with on camera acting you have to look a certain way. You have to present yourself as the most attractive version of yourself that you can be, and then you're judged based on how attractive you are or if you are the right look for the character. - Author: Ashly Burch
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#18. I feel like I'm always being challenged by my voice acting roles, for multiple different reasons. I still get nervous every time I book a gig. - Author: Ashly Burch
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#19. If you're frightened of leprechauns, the best thing to do is to get yourself a little leprechaun outfit and see how big they are. And then you'll go, 'Well I see. That's like bein' frightened of a hampster.' - Author: Craig Ferguson
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#20. What I really see myself doing is late-night TV. No woman has ever done it. - Author: Anna Benson
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#21. There's so much that we just accept, but the reasons behind how certain rules came to be are so fascinating and funny, it just increases your affection for language. - Author: Ursula Dubosarsky
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#22. I love hearing people who are smarter than me talk about my comics. It makes me feel smarter. - Author: Gene Luen Yang
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#23. I think a few of my most visible roles are crazy or peppy girls, but I've played a lot of characters who are soldiers, or fighters, or meditative characters, and a lot of this stuff hasn't come out. - Author: Ashly Burch
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