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#1. The reason I did fashion was it was the only way to get paid to do anything creative. You couldn't support yourself as an 'artist' - I hate that word. The only way you could be 'arty' was as a fashion photographer, because it still had a certain amount of integrity involved. - Author: David Bailey
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#2. People scream at me, "Hey, let's party." I give off an I'm-crazy-and-I-want-to-arty-and-wrestle-you vibe. - Author: Jack Black
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#3. Atheist Jews double crossers stole our [black people's] secrets ... They give us to worship a dead Jew and not ourselves ... Selling fried potatoes and people, the little arty bastards talking arithmetic they sucked from the arab's head. - Author: Amiri Baraka
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#4. Mr youse needn't be so spry concernin questions arty each has his tastes but as for i i likes a certain party gimme the he-man's solid bliss for youse ideas i'll match youse a pretty girl who naked is is worth a million statues - Author: E. E. Cummings
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#5. I've spent half my life on planes. I have a lot of love for New Zealand, though. That is where the really arty, whimsical side of the family resided - in Hobbitland. - Author: Alice Englert
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#6. Like, Mission Of Burma to me always sounded almost like they were part of the British Arty New Wave. I kind of like that. I like not being able to tell the difference. - Author: Graham Coxon
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#7. I seem to have been able to make a career out of doing what I feel like doing, so why not keep doing it? What's corrupting is wanting to be more important. You want to be more arty - you get your identity from that. Or you get your identity out of making more money. - Author: Jane Campion
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#8. I went to a boarding school when I was 13, and it was a very arty school, so there was an opportunity for a lot more. I joined a band and so on. We would do concerts at school, and I would play cover tunes and thought, 'This is really great.' - Author: Teddy Thompson
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#9. I enjoy getting to be arty and quirky and weird and all the things that I don't have that much choice with. You just sort of use what you got. - Author: Paul Reubens
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#10. My tastes in all things lean towards the arty and boring. I like sports documentaries about Scrabble players, bands that play quiet, unassuming music, and TV shows that win awards. In that way, I am an elitist snob. - Author: Michael Ian Black
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#11. I think people should be proud of the work they do, whatever it is. I have this other arty side that loves creating homes. I can be happy going to the hardware store. - Author: Aida Turturro
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#12. I want a guy who is masculine, good with his hands and able to build stuff and who has survival skills. Facial hair is a big turn-on. Most of the kids I hang out with in New York are hipster arty types, but I like a stronger, more physically imposing man - like a lumberjack. - Author: Chloe Sevigny
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#13. There is something about dance that is actually a great tension. There is something that is incredibly freeing about dancing for dancers who do it. They tend to be really arty and interesting people in real life. At the same time, they have an incredibly rigorous training schedule. - Author: George Nolfi
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#14. I'm quite arty. I didn't know whether to become an artist or musician but I realised I could paint with music. All my songs have colours. - Author: Ed Sheeran
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#15. Some of us, I think, us small, pompous arty ones probably read too much George Steiner and kind of got the idea that we were entering to this kind of post-culture age and that we'd better do something postmodernist - quickly, before somebody else did. - Author: David Bowie
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#16. Arty farty, you'll never fool your Aunt, who knew you picked your nose and wet your pants. - Author: Ray Davies
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#17. I suppose I just like being arty. That's all. Arty. - Author: Peter Capaldi
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#18. I know what dissipate means, Arty. I'm not three, for heaven's sake. - Author: Eoin Colfer
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#19. I didn't know any actors growing up. My dad was a builder, and we didn't know any arty types. - Author: Stephen Mangan
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#20. In the past, my aspirations were as arty as they could get, and I'm really embarrassed by it. - Author: Michael Lehmann
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#21. I think the whole, like, cultural diversity and the arty side of London is really, really great. And how it's so historic as well. - Author: Lily Allen
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#22. But I do nothing that I don't like, such as "inventing" up to the arty or "down" to the corny. I happen to relish a certain type of corn. What I think is the really dangerous approach is the "let's be artistic" attitude. I know that artistry just happens. - Author: Fred Astaire
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#23. What's with the serum?"
I don't know, but it sounds ominous. We better put a telepathic direction finder on Benway. The man's not to be trusted. Might do almost anything ... Turn a massacre into a sex orgy ... "
Or a joke."
Precisely. Arty type ... No principles ... - Author: William S. Burroughs
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#24. I feel more comfortable in a place like Brighton - a town, with one centre, one bus station, one train station. And there are so many arty, creative people, and things are less rushed, less stressed. - Author: Gabrielle Aplin
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#25. I would really like to have had the guts and the energy and so on to be able to write about, you know, people having battles with the DHSS. But I ... I haven't. They're dull things. I mean, I'm an arty person. OK, I write overblown, purple, self-indulgent prose. So fucking what? - Author: Angela Carter
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#26. You just want to know that you're all right. You just want to feel all right." And now he dives into the sneer. Arty's sneer could flay a rhino. "That's all you need other people's love for! - Author: Katherine Dunn
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#27. My family don't watch a lot of what I do. Films are a bit too arty-farty for them, certainly the ones I do! - Author: Samantha Morton
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#28. He had Oly letter a little card that he taped on his wall. The thing read, 'The only liars bigger than the quack are the quack's patients.' Arty used to just keep me in stitches. Eleven years old he was then. - Author: Katherine Dunn
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#29. My studio is not arty. It doesn't smell of turpentine, and I'm not knee-high in paper. - Author: Robert Ingpen
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#30. Because I was a diminutive, arty kid, I felt like a misfit in high school - but who doesn't? - Author: Garry Trudeau
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#31. I was always a bit arty-farty as a boy. 'Come on, Mr. Arty-Farty,' my sister used to say to me. - Author: Nicolas Roeg
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#32. Well, I certainly was exposed to and learned to appreciate the work of great directors early on. As a kid, my mother used to take me to see really interesting arty films in Los Angeles. - Author: Jodie Foster
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#33. Arty. To me the word's got as much venom associated with it as 'wacky'. - Author: Alex Kapranos
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#34. People are afraid of you, Arty. Girls are terrified of you. You're a fifteen-year-old in a bespoke suit, and nobody died. - Author: Eoin Colfer
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#35. I think there is status to having a house full of pretty things, to buying expensive paintings of seashells from her arty friends and spoons from Tiffany's. - Author: E. Lockhart
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#36. Don't hate me forever, Arty," whispered Holly. "I couldn't bear that. - Author: Eoin Colfer
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#37. I was a closet straight. I think I wanted to be gay because I thought it was arty and interesting. And also, I was phenomenally shy with girls. - Author: Rupert Graves
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#38. I got a random tattoo the other day. It's a red triangle, which makes everyone think I'm arty, which I'm not. I used to draw red triangles all the time. It must mean something - maybe I don't know it yet. But I'll figure it out. - Author: Ellie Goulding
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#39. We were these arty punks from Hollywood. I considered myself an intellectual. - Author: Flea
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#40. Some fall from grace to get Picture- Perfect !!"(pp.73. "Arty Facts") - Author: Ankita Kapoor
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#41. I use my awards as doorstops. Others are in the office or in little cubbyholes in our library - they go between the books, because they actually look like arty pieces. - Author: Helen McCrory
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#42. You don't rewrite it, censor it, or edit it, to suit some warped view you have of the past and your own present. - Author: V.T. Davy
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#43. Giving Papa time to think, as Arty put it, was like pumping random rounds into a fireworks factory. The odds favored dramatic results. - Author: Katherine Dunn
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#44. I'm taking a lot of my favorite artists, different people, my favorite music and marrying that with what I do as a comic. It's very collaborative, arty, fun and cool. - Author: Margaret Cho
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#45. The Waves is an extraordinary achievement ... It is trembling on the edge. A little less - and it would lose its poetry. A little more - and it would be over into the abyss, and be dull and arty. It is her greatest book. - Author: E. M. Forster
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#46. Above all, the photographs I use are not arty in any sense of the word. I think photography is dead as fine art; its only place is in the commercial world, for technical or information purposes. - Author: Edward Ruscha
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#47. Sometimes the independent movies can get a little too arty-farty. You watch the IFC Channel and you want to throw up. You don't always have to take things so serious, you know. - Author: Mickey Rourke
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#48. When a beautiful blonde asks, you don't say no. - Author: V.T. Davy
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#49. I would love to do a movie naked; it would be beautiful. No one dares make that kind of film today. They did it in the 1930s in an arty way, so why not now? - Author: Megan Fox
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#50. There's a side that I want to do just like really retarded arty films like parody, pretentious art films that kind of are supposed to have some deep meaning. - Author: Andy Milonakis
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#51. I'm an artist. I'm an artist and I'm going to make art! Art arty art art. - Author: Andy Beirsack
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