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Top 23 Arrangers Quotes

#1. If he lived by a simple code of ethics, it was not an end in itself, but a way to get something done without selling his soul or destroying his reputation. It was a tool to be wielded like a shovel or a stick of dynamite. - Author: Neal Stephenson
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#2. I swear on everything holy I do not know what's on the Internet about me. - Author: Iris Apfel
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#3. The criminal mind is perverted and convoluted but almost invariably unimaginative,'he said as Molly came out in a fluster - Author: M.R.C. Kasasian
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#4. Her life was invariable, like a low hum; and it was watched over by her mother, who, when Edith was a child, would sit for hours watching her paint her pictures or play her piano, as if no other occupation were possible for either of them. - Author: John Edward Williams
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#5. In diplomacy, as in life itself, one often learns more from failures than from successes. Triumphs will seem, in retrospect, to be foreordained, a series of brilliant actions and decisions that may in fact have been lucky or inadvertent, whereas failures illuminate paths and pitfalls to be avoided. - Author: Richard Holbrooke
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#6. I fool around with guitar and I can fool around on piano. I don't really play either instrument although I can play a couple of songs on guitar. You don't really need to be able to play to compose. There are many composers and arrangers who work out of their heads. - Author: Frankie Laine
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#7. Remarkable only the very best arrangers can get a sound like that from four horns - Author: Evan Parker
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#8. I've been to Japan but I've never been to China, I'd love to go to China. I don't know, I like to go to places that are remote. So, I think I'd like to do that more. And just sort of also explore not having a structured work life someday, to have more free time to sort of see what happens. - Author: Ben Stiller
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#9. I have often thought that less is expected of the president of a great corporation than of an American wife. - Author: Eleanor Roosevelt
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#10. Lifespan extension has never really been a goal of aging science, nor should it. - Author: S. Jay Olshansky
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#11. In the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra we play such a diversity of music, with 10 arrangers in the band, we don't really worry about whether it's contemporary or not. - Author: Wynton Marsalis
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#12. I mean, I don't think I would call Claus to do an album of big band tunes. You know, just like arrangers write for the artist they have in mind; you have to keep in mind if you're going to work with Claus Ogerman. You invite him to do what he does. - Author: Diana Krall
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#13. Design may be the logical solution to a problem, but it's never a formula. Design grows out of clarity of purpose. - Author: Millard Sheets
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#14. I still love to look at photographs but I couldn't do it myself anymore. - Author: Ben Shahn
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#15. Billy Strayhorn wrote Multicolored Blue. Billy to me is the boss of the arrangers. - Author: Quincy Jones
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#16. I just try to try to keep an attitude that I don't know what I'm doing. Not to the point where I'm beating myself up, but I just go in thinking that I have a lot to learn. And I hope I still have that attitude 30 years from now. - Author: Tobey Maguire
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#17. I grew up not really listening to guitar players. Especially when I was studying music, I was just interested in piano players and arrangers and composers; I came to playing in a band from the perspective of someone who never expected to play guitar in a band. - Author: Daniel Rossen
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#18. You punch like you take it up the ass. - Author: Jake LaMotta
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#19. A long-simmering resentment against the world can burn off more calories than you might imagine. - Author: Paul Russell
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#20. I think future engineered species could be the source of food, hopefully a source of energy, environmental remediation and perhaps replacing the petrochemical industry. - Author: Craig Venter
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#21. The most important thing is not to achieve success, but to keep it so that it would be stable - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#22. Most composers and arrangers these days use computer programs and keyboards, but I'm one of those dinosaurs that still writes it down on score paper and still dreams it up in his ear first. - Author: Phil Coulter
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#23. The music industry is dominated by guys. I work with men 98 percent of the time - producers, arrangers, musicians, engineers. - Author: Shakira
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