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#1. American movies show you how to fight and break armsand necks. I want to make the action in my movies like dancing.

Jackie Chan

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#2. I think sex is part of life, like eating and breathing.

Donatella Versace

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#3. I feel like we tend to be our own worst critics.

An Na

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#4. We have a lot of great hospitals in America, across the country.

James Lankford

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#5. Common sense is that layer of prejudices which we acquire before we are sixteen.

Albert Einstein

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#6. I wonder how many parents realize that by the so-called education they are giving their children, they are only driving them into the commonplace, and depriving them of any chance of doing anything beautiful or original.

Isadora Duncan

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#7. You only go from nowhere to everywhere once. Let's enjoy it!

Huey Lewis

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