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#1. If I could tell you only one thing. My message would be this: The world would be a lonely place if you did not exist. - Author: Erin Hanson
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#2. I take no actions that I wouldn't publicly recount. If you can't speak your deeds, then don't do them. - Author: Kresley Cole
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#3. Again, I love you too, Aric. Now, wear your fucking armor. - Author: Kresley Cole
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#4. The two of them were acting like such ... guys. I wanted to strangle them. - Author: Kresley Cole
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#5. That's what science is," she explained. "It's learning what others have discovered about the world, and then - when you bump up against a question that no one has ever answered before - figuring out how to get the answer you need. - Author: Ali Benjamin
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#6. You promised to make me pay!'
'I intend to, Empress, but not in the way you're thinking.' His accented words were loaded with innuendo. - Author: Kresley Cole
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#7. I've wrought my family's destruction. Killed those I loved most, with my very touch. My dark precipice has been reached. I throw back my head and roar as recognition takes hold. I am Death ... - Author: Kresley Cole
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#8. if God only interceded with those who deserve it, God would not intercede for any of us. - Author: Aric Clark
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#9. You want this?'
I raised my gaze, gasping at the dark hunger in his expression. My mind blanked. Want his body? How could I not? He was pure temptation.
'I meant this,' he held up my bag, 'but I could easily be persuaded to share anything else my wife might desire. - Author: Kresley Cole
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#10. I rose and turned to go. Over my shoulder, I said, "Go to hell, Aric." "Already here, wife. - Author: Kresley Cole
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#11. Bren pulled me close and chuckled in my ear. "Damn, kid. Are you in trouble." That was bad enough. His next comment was worse. "Don't worry, Aric. Celia and I don't have sex as much as we used to. - Author: Cecy Robson
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#12. One should always be a little improbable. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#13. My relationship with Jackson had felt fated. Whatever I had with Aric felt . . . endless. - Author: Kresley Cole
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#14. You'd think after two thousand years, I'd be accustomed to looks of fear. - Author: Kresley Cole
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#15. Your mortal's storming the slaver den." Aric's tone was half-amused, half-approving. "I'm hereby inviting myself on his incursion. - Author: Kresley Cole
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#16. 'Unbroken' was published as a help to society. - Author: Louis Zamperini
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#17. In our first meeting; you skewered me with your sword. In other words: you started it. - Author: Kresley Cole
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#18. Rohan, if being a hero is having the courage to resist using power arbitrarily, then you are a hero, beloved. - Author: Melanie Rawn
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#19. Accept this: your mortal is doomed."
"Please, Aric. I'm begging you!"
He whirled around, fury in his expression. "You refused - twice - to beg me for your own life, but you'd beg for his?"
I whispered, "Yes. - Author: Kresley Cole
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#20. Me & Mik. I've never been part of an ampersand before. - Author: Laini Taylor
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#21. I have done stupid with a lot of zeros on the end of it. I know what it looks like. - Author: Dave Ramsey
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#22. When he was this close to me, I could feel his palpable yearning. I could sense that gut-wrenching loneliness he'd suffered. - Author: Kresley Cole
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#23. He looked like a normal gorgeous young man, who was at home here amidst all this wealth. Like the heir to a fortune. Highborn.
And still, my first impulse was to stab him with a table knife. - Author: Kresley Cole
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#24. So . . . gods are real?" Aric nodded. "That's how the game came about. They grew bored. - Author: Kresley Cole
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#25. In quietness we find inner peace. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#26. I train all the time and the weird thing is I'm in the gym with people between 20 and 25 years old and I look in the mirror and I look better than they do and they are young kids - either they haven't trained hard enough or they aren't serious enough. - Author: Hulk Hogan
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#27. This game is a hell we've all been damned into. It's designed to madden us. The most intelligent Arcana ever to play is called the Fool. The one who least wanted to kill was named Death. And you, Empress, rule over nothing! - Author: Kresley Cole
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#28. When the world looks at America, what it sees is an Israeli colony. - Author: Paul Craig Roberts
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