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#1. Men are fair, and they have learned not to personalize anger - they can disagree with you and argue to the bone, but afterward they still consider you a nice person with whom the underlying human relationship need not be altered. - Author: Warren Farrell
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#2. It's very human to try to put things into boxes, and it's hard for us to reconcile with grey areas, and yet somehow that's the area I find the most poetic, the juiciest. - Author: Arca
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#3. God often lays the sum of His amazing providences in very dismal afflictions; as the limner first puts on the dusky colors, on which he intends to draw the portraiture of some illustrious beauty. - Author: Stephen Charnock
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#4. We tend to forget that there's nothing sacrosanct about learning in large group classrooms, and that we organize students this way not because it's the best way to learn but because it's cost-efficient, - Author: Susan Cain
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#5. I do love the idea that something can make you forget that you're listening and just transport you to somewhere else in your head. - Author: Arca
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#6. Someone can only be vampiric if you allow it. - Author: Arca
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#7. If I have a bunch of computer lingo that I have no idea what I'm speaking about, I really need to know what I'm talking about. - Author: Chloe Bennet
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#8. I have an interesting relationship with my voice. I give myself tons of freedom in how to engage with my voice because I respect it a lot. - Author: Arca
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#9. I love vocal music, but I've had a hard time understanding myself through the English language. So it just seemed to me that if I relied solely on creating a voice out of the music, then I might be able to reach something more profound. - Author: Arca
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#10. Hillary's [Clinton] been doing a good job of portraying [Donald] Trump as unqualified, not the right temperament. - Author: Rush Limbaugh
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#11. A lot of me figuring out how to love myself more involves finding the things that I'm ashamed of and looking them right in the eye. - Author: Arca
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#12. You cannot, in human experience, rush into the light. You have to go through the twilight into the broadening day before the noon comes and the full sun is upon the landscape. - Author: Woodrow Wilson
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#13. Here's a tragedy for you. Arca the Brave, one of the last heroes of Cape Magister, the man who held the line at the Usurper's Fields, who saw even the mighty Guhl fall and die... now he sleeps on my floor and begs for scraps like a dog. Perhaps there are some wars that are not worth fighting. - Author: Steven Poore
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#14. Something I keep coming back to in my music is the tension between two extremes: healing and chaos, hope and anxiety - these big themes are inside us, flickering, all day. - Author: Arca
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#15. It wasn't until I slowed the car and rolled down the windows that I realized I spend most of my days driving 'through' life without driving 'in' life. So, I've decided to walk because the pace is slower and the windows are always down. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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#16. Life is death we're lengthy at - Author: Emily Dickinson
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#17. First thought, best thought - I live by that when I make my own music. - Author: Arca
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#18. When I sit down to make music, I try to enter a flow; I always open a blank session and just make something that I feel like making. - Author: Arca
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#19. It's been a growth process for each of us to understand why we find certain things beautiful. And if we do find something beautiful, we'll chase it, because you want to understand yourself and what your psyche is creating. - Author: Arca
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#20. I do love voices so much that I will use them and manipulate them. The presence of a human voice in a piece of music is really exciting, even if it's just someone's breathing. - Author: Arca
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#21. My mind wanders to the other side of the courtyard, where St. Clair waits with Josh in Q-through-Z. I wonder if I have any classes with him. I mean, them. Classes with them. - Author: Stephanie Perkins
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#22. I try to get my subconscious to puke out as much stuff as I can because I'm really not judging myself while making music. - Author: Arca
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#23. Only after a piece of music is done does my frontal cortex allow me to organize what might be trying to come out of my subconscious. - Author: Arca
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#24. If I ever felt inclined to be timid as I was going into a room hill of people, I would say to myself, You're the cleverest member of one of the cleverest families in the cleverest class of the cleverest nation in the world-why should you be frightened? - Author: Beatrice Webb
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#25. There has to be an entry point to learn about myself, or an idea I've never tried, because then I can try on a new skin and see the world through a different perspective. If I have that spark, then I'll save the [music] file. - Author: Arca
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#26. You become more animalistic when you don't know what's coming next - you have to be on guard, but at the same time you're also more receptive. - Author: Arca
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#27. It broke over him, a frothing, churning sea a images and sound, so vivid he had to close his eyes against it and hold his breath. Faces long dead; words spoken and heard; professions of love and regret and hate; episodes of intimacy as painful to recall as those characterised by violence. - Author: Stephen Lloyd Jones
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#28. There is also a particular frustration that I have with language. It's so clumsy. And the reason I'm feeling that is more because on your breathing and your intonation than the actual words. - Author: Arca
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#29. With song titles, I try to keep a healthy sense of humor while saying something at the same time. - Author: Arca
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#30. A person's self-esteem has nothing to do with how she looks. - Author: Halle Berry
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#31. When you actually make a new friend, and you make music and laugh really hard together, that can give you a lot of confidence and nourishment and encouragement. - Author: Arca
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#32. I had an unspoken treaty with myself to never lie in my lyrics, so, for a long time, when I wrote love songs, I would use genderless pronouns, like "dear" and "darling" - like some kind of granny! - Author: Arca
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#33. The dual ends of Arca's personality - he is both a press-shy introvert and, in his visual work, a bold exhibitionist - come through in the breadth of his compositions. - Author: The New Yorker
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#34. I try to have things change before I get bored, and I figure other people might enjoy that too; I try not to let anything repeat for long enough that you can get used to it. - Author: Arca
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#35. It's hard to give up the being together with someone. - Author: Lois Lowry
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#36. Strange that he'd be wearing God's symbol when he's in league with the devil. - Author: Leisa Rayven
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#37. He was just as unwilling to talk about himself as she was herself. 'So what changed you?' He sipped his lemonade and carefully set his glass down. 'Finally grew up, I suppose.' Manny - Author: Mary Burton
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#38. If I crave a frequency in the mid, I'll just drag in a sound and try to mold it into what feels right. It happens very quickly. And if I've been making a piece of music for five hours and it sucks, I'll just throw it away. - Author: Arca
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#39. It struck me at some point that the things I wanted to say had to be wordless. I had to renounce words in order to go deep into the practice of making materials and textures that would express what I'm trying to say more accurately. - Author: Arca
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