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#1. Hallucinogens then do the same job as religion - they provide proof of unity, which is still the only known cure for fear of death. - Author: Steven Kotler
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#2. A Platonic friendship is perhaps only possible when one or other of the Platonists is in love with a third person. - Author: Evelyn Beatrice Hall
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#3. The tempest unleashes an alphabetletters fall through the apertures of crazy anglesto spell out the futureuprooting the course of inventionand enslaving the masters - Author: Nancy Peters
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#4. At the North Carolina border, the dull landscape ended abruptly, as if by decree. Suddenly the countryside rose and fell in majestic undulations, full of creeping thickets of laurel, rhododendron and palmetto. - Author: Bill Bryson
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#5. Wars will remain while human nature remains. I believe in my soul in cooperation, in arbitration; but the soldier's occupation we cannot say is gone until human nature is gone. - Author: Rutherford B. Hayes
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#6. After all, I might not intend to use him for a plaything, but I could still appreciate looking through the toy-shop window. - Author: Deanna Raybourn
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#7. Had just apologized to me. Hell must have been experiencing some climate change. - Author: Patricia Briggs
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#8. Somewhere in every mind is an opening to crawl through. - Author: A.S. King
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#9. Everything is always changing.
"There is a cause-and-effect lawfulness that governs all unfolding experience.
"What I do matters, but I am not in charge. Suffering results from struggling with what is beyond my control. [pp. 27-28] - Author: Sylvia Boorstein
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#10. Individuals should think about the worst-case scenarios and plan for them. The world will be crazier than you think it will be. Put money away, and then you can live with much more freedom. - Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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#11. I'm a little bit of a control freak. - Author: Harlan Coben
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#12. The only hope of a decreasing self is an increasing Christ." F. B. MEYER - Author: Andrew Murray
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#13. There's a game called Checkout where there's grocery items and it's how much you think the manufacturer's suggested retail price is and we add up your total, then your total has to be within $2 of the regular total. I don't think I could ever win that game. - Author: Drew Carey
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