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Top 28 Amy Cahill Quotes

#1. Never regret trusting someone. It proves you have a heart. But if he turns out to be a lying worm ... I'm not going to waste my time crying. Because I am way too fabulous for that.

Jude Watson

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#2. Dan was thrilled that the second clue had been safely smuggled out of the church in his pants.
"So, really, I saved the day," he decided.
"Wait a minute," Amy said, "I climbed onto the roof in the middle of a thunderstorm."
"Yeah, but the clue was in my pants.

Rick Riordan

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#3. It didn't seem possible to gain so much happiness from so little.

Peter Lerangis

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#4. With Dan you have to listen to his underneath, you know? Not so much what he says.

Jude Watson

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#5. There are boys who will make you cry, and then there are boys who are worth spending your fabulous energy on.

Clifford Riley

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#6. For all aspects of memory, keep yourself physically fit. My catchphrase is, 'Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy body, healthy mind.' Your memory needs oxygen as fuel, so why not feed it often?

Tony Buzan

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#7. It was a miserable thing, to be responsible for breaking your own heart.

Clifford Riley

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#8. Wonderful. What's the point of throwing a hissy fit without friends and family on hand to hear it?
-Amy Cahill

Gordon Korman

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#9. No!" Amy said. "Dan, you're lucky it was only concussive. You could've wiped out the whole Holt family."
"And that would've been bad because ... ?

Rick Riordan

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#10. C'mon, Amy, cinnamon rolls are calling us." Dan put a hand to his ear. "Do you hear? 'Amy? Dan?'" he squeaked. "'Come and get my sugary, sticky goodness!

Jude Watson

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#11. It was part of his nature to extenuate nothing and live on as one of his own worst accusers.

Thomas Hardy

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#12. Amy gritted her teeth. "King Louis XVI even put Franklin's picture on a chamber pot!"
Jonah looked at his dad. "Do we have souvenir chamber pots?"
"No." His dad whipped out his phone. "I'll make the call.

Rick Riordan

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#13. Divide and rule is the way Congress does their politics while we say let's unite and do development.

Narendra Modi

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#14. Amy, Dan, and Nellie were sitting at a table in a conference room, examining reproductions of Franklin documents-some so rare, the librarians told her, the only copies existed in Paris.
"Yeah, here's a rare grocery list," Dan muttered. "Wow.

Rick Riordan

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#15. In our family, you don't get a childhood. We're too busy trying to dominate the world.

Gordon Korman

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#16. Think for yourselves for a change. You've been pedlars: go and be merchants. You've been mercenaries: go and find something of your own to defend. You've finished teething and there's the world: crack it open if you can.

Dorothy Dunnett

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-Amy Cahill

Jude Watson

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#18. You thinks there's this thing between us, but there never was, and there never will be. - Amy Cahill

Jeff Hirsch

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#19. I know I'm the No. 1 quarterback for the Washington Redskins, and that's all that matters in my heart. That's all I wanted. I wanted a team that wanted me, and I found that.

Robert Griffin III

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#20. He wrapped her around his hands and then yanked her inside out.

Peter Lerangis

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#21. God is going to use me to reach the young people, I don't know how, I don't know when.

Beth Nimmo

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#22. P.S. You'll have to meet with Dan's principal when you get back. He got in trouble for doing ninja moves in class. Don't worry. This happens all the time.

Rick Riordan

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#23. Amy Cahill didn't believe in omens. But black snow was falling, he earth was rumbling beneath her feet, her brother was meowing, and her uncle Alistair was prancing on the beach in pink pajamas. She had to admit, the signs were not promising.

Peter Lerangis

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#24. And after my mother's death I became more open to and empathetic about other people's struggles and losses.

Meghan O'Rourke

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#25. Falling in love? First make sure that you passed a hardcore military training of emotions.

Ameya Agrawal

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#26. It was a sunny, beautiful day.a day you felt good to be alive. Tobad amy Cahill was surrounded by the dead. Amy bowed her head and squeezed Her eyes shut. She was only sixteen, but she had attended too many funerals. She had said to many goodbyes

Jude Watson

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#27. Ugliness sees ugliness; beauty sees beauty.

Bryant McGill

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#28. She knew now that the trick to being brave was not thinking of the worst thing that could happen. It was a weird thing - if you acted brave, you could almost feel brave.

Jude Watson

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