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#1. The man who cannot visualize a horse galloping on a tomato is an idiot.

Andre Breton

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#2. One of the humbling things about having written more than one novel is the sense that every time you begin, that new empty page does not know who you are.

John Irving

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#3. The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.

Steve Maraboli

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#4. One of us says, "I don't know how to deal with this tricky bit of plot"; the other one listens and says, "The solution, Grasshopper, is in the way you state the problem. Fancy a coffee?

Terry Pratchett

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#5. Somewhere in him, a shadow turned mournfully over. You had to run with a night like this so the sadness could not hurt

Ray Bradbury

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#6. 'You told me, Father, that after my past life it is still possible to become another St. Augustine. I don't doubt it, and today more than yesterday I want to try to prove it.' But you have to cut out sin courageously from the root, as the holy Bishop of Hippo did.

Josemaria Escriva

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#7. Original philosophy is always "deviant" or even subversive.

Mario Bunge

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#8. What is warranted by the direction of nature's light is warranted by the law of nature, and consequently by a divine law; for who can deny the law of nature to be a divine law?

Samuel Rutherford

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#9. We agree that it's the same for everyone; not only for us here, but everywhere, for everyone who is of our age; to some more, and to others less. It is the common fate of our generation.

Erich Maria Remarque

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#10. I say violence is necessary. It is as American as cherry pie.

H. Rap Brown

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#11. Since death is certain and the time of death is uncertain, what is the most important thing?

Pema Chodron

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#12. To get up when you are down, to fight more intensely when you are struggling; to put in the extra effort when you are in sheer pain, to comeback when nobody expects you to, and to stand tall when everyone is pulling you down are what make a champion

Apoorve Dubey

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#13. Many people become bankrupt through having invested too heavily in the prose of life. To have ruined one's self over poetry is an honor.

Oscar Wilde

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#14. Sexual enlightenment is that hardhearted process which for hygienic reasons forbids young people to satisfy their curiosity themselves.

Karl Kraus

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#15. My father was a great sympathizer of Ahad Ha'am. Every Friday night we would read Hebrew together, and often the reading was Ahad Ha'am's essays.

Noam Chomsky

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