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Top 15 Albrecht Altdorfer Quotes

#1. I've directed things that other people have written before, and I've written things and given them to other directors. So I'm very versatile in terms of that, and I enjoy all of it.

Ryan Coogler

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#2. I'm a huge Hunter S. Thompson fan.

Amber Heard

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#3. 'Authoring tools' are terrible; there is almost no software that can create closed captions for media players. And of course there is no training. TV captioning is bad enough, and this stuff is generally worse.

Joe Clark

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#4. Fanaticism, to which men are so much inclined, has always served not only to render them more brutalized but more wicked.


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#5. Content," huh? Ha! Where's the container?

Cory Doctorow

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#6. If we had these rockets in 1939, we should never have had this war.

Adolf Hitler

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#7. Do I need my number retired throughout the course of the league to acknowledge what I've done? No.

Michael Jordan

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#8. I've struggled all my life to get maximum meaning in the simplest possible form,

Anne Truitt

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#9. The ultimate storyteller is Shakespeare, who was able to get the 'groundlings' to laugh at his bawdy humor and storylines but could still be studied by scholars to this day for the complexity of his language, meter, and symbolism. That's the real guy.

Jon Favreau

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#10. I'm modern because I make the difficult seem easy, and so I can communicate with the whole world.

Paulo Coelho

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#11. People selling content internationally need to be highly focused on selling the right product to the right buyer. If things don't succeed on a particular network, they're not going to stay on very long.

Jon Feltheimer

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#12. I've never even been to bed with a man. Never. That's how pure I am; I have nothing to be ashamed of. My gods made me the way I am.

Chavela Vargas

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#13. There is nothing wrong with the love of Beauty. But Beauty-unless she is wed to something more meaningful-is always superficial

Donna Tartt

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#14. Nick was chocolate and cigarettes and whiskey and danger, and everything I should stay away from.

Elin Hilderbrand

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#15. Maybe that's the thing I'd missed about love, you don't withhold it or partition it out when it's deserved."

Penelope Douglas

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