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#1. I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. - Author: Charles Dickens
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#2. You can have nothing to fear. - Author: Wallace D. Wattles
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#3. Perhaps it makes sense that a creature that doesn't get ill and has few enemies among its neighbors would also live agelessly and die without explanation or cause
would simply vanish without a trace. - Author: Amy Stewart
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#4. If you're good to your staff when things are going well, they'll rally when times go bad. - Author: Mary Kay Ash
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#5. I find his films about as funny as getting an arrow through the neck and discovering there's a gas bill tied to it. - Author: Rowan Atkinson
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#6. I was actually really happy with where my game was at. That's probably the most disappointing aspect. - Author: Lleyton Hewitt
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#7. You wanted to show everyone you could write about the black heart of a killer. And all the while pretending you don't even have your own dark desires. - Author: Naoyuki Ochiai
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#8. If you are rushed for time, sow time and you will reap time. Go to church and spend a quiet hour in prayer. You will have more time than ever and your work will get done. Sow time with the poor. Sit and listen to them, give them your time lavishly. You will reap time a hundredfold. - Author: Dorothy Day
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