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#1. France was always a little scary to me. I had the preconception that France was a bit hoity-toity. - Author: April Bloomfield
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#2. I Will Rise One Day

I will rise one day and speak it
I, the Kurd, will rise one day
and speak it
I, the Amazigh, your voice
will rise one day
I, the Arab you know
will rise one day
and speak it:
They've gone now, Saladin - Author: Najwan Darwish
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#3. Because one day I was going to have to go through a metamorphosis like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly - Author: Gayle Forman
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#4. He was half again my size, but when we embraced, I felt like I was holding him up, and it was all I could do to remain standing. He buried his face in my hair, his body shaking against me with the spasmodic rhythm of unrestrained sobs. It was almost more than I could bear gracefully. - Author: Rachel Vincent
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#5. The object of war is victory, the object of victory is conquest, and the object of conquest is occupation. - Author: Napoleon Bonaparte
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#6. There have been times when I think we do not desire heaven, but more often I find myself wondering whether, in our heart of hearts, we have desired anything else. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#7. I don't think I have any celeb crushes! - Author: AJ Michalka
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#8. You can't prevent undernourishment so easily, but famines you can stop with half an effort. Then the question was why don't the governments stop them? - Author: Amartya Sen
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#9. Jesus loves peanut butter, and so do I" is legit. - Author: Jenny B. Jones
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#10. Beethoven's music tends to move from chaos to order, as if order were an imperative of human existence. - Author: Daniel Barenboim
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#11. Trying to make a feature film yourself with no money is the best film school you can do. - Author: Quentin Tarantino
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#12. it is easier to mock and deride individual fat people than to fix food deserts, school lunches, corn subsidies, inadequate or nonexistent public transportation, unsafe sidewalks and parks, healthcare, mental healthcare, the minimum wage, and your own insecurities. - Author: Lindy West
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#13. I am not going to kill sin by killing the sinners; I am not going to wage war against evildoers and infidels. I shall preach love, and I shall love; I shall preach concord, and shall practice brotherly love toward everyone in the world. - Author: Nikos Kazantzakis
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