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#1. The only way to break the cycle of unwed motherhood, fatherless children, poverty, crime, and welfare is to recognize that welfare causes more problems than it cures. - Author: David Boaz
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#2. Maybe it's the age difference, but when my wife told me she was turned on by Fifty Shades of Grey, I thought she was talking about my hair color! - Author: J. Thomas Steele
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#3. Apparently, Adrik and Harshaw had been evicted for the night. A very bleary Genya and David blinked up at us from beneath the covers of a single narrow cot.
Mal gave a little cough. Can't say I'm surprised. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
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#4. No matter how successful or skilled you are, you will inevitably fail at many things in your work. - Author: Todd Henry
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#5. That was my first clue that love can warp a hierarchy; the whole pyramid got flipped on its head. My pet, because she was mine, was at the top of the chain. I cared for the squirmy swamp rats in the most perfunctory way, with none of the love I felt for my red Seth. - Author: Karen Russell
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#6. Huh," Zoya said to Adrik. "I'm impressed." At the elation that burst over his face, she groaned. "Never mind. I'm downgrading that to grudging approval. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
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#7. Needs multiply as they are met. Woe to the man who would live a disentangled life. Be on guard, my soul, of complicating your environment so that you have neither time nor room for growth! - Author: Elisabeth Elliot
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#8. Help me give up my addiction to Hope. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
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#9. Abruptly, Adrik snarled, 'I'm glad Sergei's dead. I'm just sorry I didn't get to wring his neck myself.'
'You'd need two hands for that,' said Zoya.
There was a brief, terrible silence, then Adrik scowled and said, 'Okay, stab him. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
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#10. Senator Mikulski has done an outstanding job representing Maryland in the U.S. Senate for nearly 30 years. - Author: Martin O'Malley
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#11. The sinking of the Titanic has made me indescribably happy; there is, after all, an ocean. - Author: Alexander Blok
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