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#1. Revenge is not a noble sentiment, but it is a human one. - Author: Rudy Giuliani
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#2. We should look for the light, the good, the grace of Heaven wherever it might be, even admist the filth we are so quick to judge beneath us. We cannot assume we are the arbiters of righteousness. We don't shape Heaven; Heaven shapes us. Nor do we shape Hell. - Author: Sunshine Somerville
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#3. I've never really considered myself just a street artist. I consider myself a populist. - Author: Shepard Fairey
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#4. Certain living things prefer the dark, thriving in the shadows of tombstones and crypts, flowering admist the dead. Others tend toward the sun, blooming in the light, embracing the warmth. - Author: Fiona Paul
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#5. Every bad thing that happens here reminds people of what they're trying to forget. When you're rich and you see stuff like this on TV, you hug your children and feel grateful it's not you. When you're from the Bone, you hug your children and pray you're not next. - Author: Tarryn Fisher
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#6. Your brother Jaime keeps losing battles. He gave Sansa an angry look, as if it were her fault. He's been taken by the Starks and we've lost Riverrun and now her stupid brother is calling himself a king.
The dwarf smiled crookedly. All sorts of people are calling themselves kings these days. - Author: George R R Martin
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#7. Kids are so dynamic; if you're tired and you walk into a roomful of kids, your energy is brought up to their level. - Author: Jenna Bush
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