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Top 10 Achimwene's Quotes

#1. The harvest of a quiet eye, That broods and sleeps on his own heart. - Author: William Wordsworth
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#2. I'm sorry young man but the classes you chose are filled up. - Author: Luis J. Rodriguez
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#3. We will first understand how simple the universe is when we recognize how strange it is. - Author: John Archibald Wheeler
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#4. Life wasn't like that neat classification system, Achimwene had come to realize. Life was half-completed plots abandoned, heroes dying halfway along their quests, loves requited and un-, some fading inexplicably, some burning short and bright. - Author: Lavie Tidhar
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#5. Charles Sumner's mind had reached the calm of WATER which receives and reflects images without absorbing them; it contains nothing but itself. - Author: Henry Adams
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#6. You have to be brave to be in love. - Author: Sara Young
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#7. While I'm quite happy and love doing the atmospheric and quirky stuff, the melodic stuff, I've done quite a lot of. It's also another reason why I try not to do two or three at the same time. - Author: Trevor Rabin
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#8. Stories gave shape to Achimwene's life. Narratives gave a series of random events meaning. And so he shaped this, too, as a story. - Author: Lavie Tidhar
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#9. Anything that is worth pursuing is going to require us to suffer, just a little bit. - Author: Chris Burkard
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#10. A wicked conscience mouldeth goblins swift as frenzy thoughts. - Author: William Shakespeare
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