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#1. For nearly twenty minutes, neither of the men spoke. A fly buzzed noisily about the room, and the ticking of the clock was like the beat of a hammer. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#2. I cherish my own freedom dearly, but I care even more for your freedom. From a response to an offer of conditional freedom, read by Zindzi Mandela at a rally, Jabulani Stadium, Soweto, South Africa, - Author: Nelson Mandela
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#3. In this hole lives the wicked king. - Author: David Berkowitz
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#4. Imprisoned in every fat man a thin man is wildly signaling to be let out. - Author: Cyril Connolly
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#5. Maybe I should have been frightened of him. This older man who saw that I was alone, who felt like I owed him something, which was the worst thing a man like that could feel. - Author: Emma Cline
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#6. One thing is sure - we have to transform the three-dimensional world of objects into the two-dimensional world of the canvas ... To transform three into two dimensions is for me an experience full of magic in which I glimpse for a moment that fourth dimension which my whole being is seeking. - Author: Max Beckmann
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#7. Jesus made clear that the Kingdom of God is organic and not organizational. It grows like a seed and it works like leaven: secretly, invisibly, surprisingly, and irresistibly. - Author: Os Guinness
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#8. How much I desire! Inside my little satchel, the moon, and flowers - Author: Matsuo Basho
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#9. In general, Americans are not very good at nation-building and not very good colonialists. - Author: Francis Fukuyama
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