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#1. Gerdanlouk, he thinks. An evocative Turkish word, with Arabic roots. It means jewelry, but only jewelry adorning a woman between her lower neck and the top of her breasts. Gerdanlouk. He looks away. - Author: Jenny White
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#2. The primary purpose of prayer is to bring us into such a life of communion with the Father that, by the power of the Spirit, we are increasingly conformed to the image of the Son. - Author: Richard Foster
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#3. Anyone that's ever had their kitchen done over knows that it never never gets done as soon as you wish it would. - Author: Ronald Reagan
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#4. your outer will power may also have succeeded to build an eventful outer life that fills the void to a degree as long as you do not hold still. However, this is but temporary peace before the storm. - Author: Eva Pierrakos
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#5. No man who respects his mother or loves his sister, can speak disparagingly of any woman; however low she may seem to have sunk, she is still a woman. I want every man to remember this. Every woman is, or, at some time, has been a sister or daughter ... - Author: Victoria Woodhull
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#6. The mark of a good actor is their ability to take on any role and make it their own. - Author: J. Lerman
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#7. Communism to me is one-third practice and two-thirds explanation. - Author: Will Rogers
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#8. This is a very imperfect analogy, because the nature of a thing is not a core but a principle. - Author: Fulton J. Sheen
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#9. It's scary but as an actress it is my job to be vulnerable, so I try to just embrace it and focus on the things I can control. - Author: Sadie Calvano
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#10. And she loved a boy very, very much
even more than she loved herself. - Author: Shel Silverstein
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#11. For what is the program of the bourgeois parties? A bad poem on springtime, filled to bursting with metaphors. - Author: Walter Benjamin
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#12. My mother told me never explain, never complain. Even as a young actress, I determined I would never give personal interviews, since they made me so uncomfortable. - Author: Jennifer Jones
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