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Top 11 Zeiring Quotes

#1. Mankind's greatest achievements are found on thank you notes, not resumes.

Wes Fesler

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#2. A friend who loved perfection would be the perfect friend, did not that love shut his door on me.

Logan Pearsall Smith

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#3. The greater part of our misfortunes are brought on by neglecting the chances that yesterday gave us.

James Ellis

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#4. The desire to understand the world and the desire to reform it are the two great engines of progress, without which human society would stand still or retrogress. It's coexistence or no existence.

Bertrand Russell

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#5. At that time, the people that were in the animated film business were mostly guys who were unsuccessful newspaper cartoonists. In other words, their ability to draw living things was practically nil.

Marc Davis

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#6. I'm interested in the kind of religion that makes life harder. I'm not so interested in the comforting kind of religion.

Jonathan Safran Foer

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#7. It was a table that could seat six, but Ben was the only one there. She had never seen Ben with any of the other boys. It was too bad, because she believed Ben Hanscom had treasures buried inside. He would yield them up to a kind and patient prospector...if one ever came along.

Stephen King

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#8. Abilene possessed greater vision, perhaps because it possessed little else.

H.W. Brands

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#9. No choice recurs. We may get similar choices again, but never that exact one. Hesitation - inaction - is just as irrevocable as action. What the motorist, locked on the one-way road, is to space, we are to the fourth dimension: we truly pass this way but once.

Brian Christian

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#10. As the tech industry continues to grow and sprout successful startups across the country, it is important that we understand our responsibility to affect positive change in our communities.

Ron Conway

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#11. I find this less scandalous than beautiful: a kind of palimpsestic plagiarism that moves through bodies and time, a collective song with no single origin, or whose origin has been erased
the way a star, from our earthly perspective, is often survived by its own light.

Ben Lerner

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