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#1. When I throw a ground ball, I expect it to be an out, maybe two.

Warren Spahn

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#2. Pain is just an illusion of the mind


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#3. I have been waiting for you for so long."
I pointed to the car. "We are searching for Trachimbrod."
"Oh," she said and she released a river of tears. "You are here. I am it.

Jonathan Safran Foer

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#4. If it doesn't come bursting out of you
in spite of everything,
don't do it.
unless it comes unasked out of your
heart and your mind and your mouth
and your gut,
don't do it.

Charles Bukowski

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#5. I also try to weigh my motives. Am I doing what I'm doing because it's what God desires, or because I'm afraid people will be disappointed if I don't?

Tricia Goyer

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#6. I like church. It's empty when I go. I walk around. There are so many beautiful Catholic churches in New York.

Andy Warhol

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#7. We have a history of gender and racial bias on our court that continues to undermine the system. Excluding individuals based on race is antagonistic to the pursuit of justice.

Anita Hill

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#8. I sighed, leaning against the carriage seat. Perhaps I should take out a full-page advertisement that read: TO SEBASTIAN BRADDOCK: COME BACK, YOU BROODING FOOL.

Tarun Shanker

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#9. No, I don't believe in hard work. If something is hard, leave it. Let it come to you. Let it happen.

Jeremy Irons

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#10. Winning medals wasn't the point of the Olympics. It's the participating that counts.

Pierre De Coubertin

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