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Top 31 Youtube Funny Quotes

#1. YouTube is such a funny little world. You can create a fanbase. - Author: Lindsey Stirling
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#2. I filmed myself drunk, just to see what I'm like. I watched so many funny videos of people drunk on YouTube. - Author: Aaron Paul
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#3. I loved Christmas. We had a really great time. But there wasn't - it was all - you had to be happy with, you know, an orange and a couple of walnuts, you know, in your stocking. - Author: Nick Lowe
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#4. I've never been noticeably reticent about talking on subjects about which I know nothing. - Author: Prince Philip
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#5. As a culture, we are not comfortable with mortality. We do not accept it the way other cultures do. We cling to youth, and we don't want to die. It's like, 'Well, too bad, we do.' - Author: Alan Ball
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#6. I smile all the time, even when I'm in a bad mood. I always try to keep a smile on my face. - Author: Carmelo Anthony
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#7. He hated YouTube. He wishes it would die of mad cow disease. - Author: Andrea Speed
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#8. The relentless touring and endless repetition of the same songs over and over again promoted a creeping awareness that my music had begun to sound like my washing machine. - Author: Linda Ronstadt
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#9. God ever geometrizes. - Author: Plato
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#10. I wonder if I were to have an X-ray at the little hospital, would the machine see my grief? Is it like rust, arheum about the heart? - Author: Sebastian Barry
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#11. You taste like ass. - Author: Simon Holt
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#12. It's funny, I'd rather be known as a writer who crafted a really nice piece about women's friendships over time. But that doesn't roll off the tongue like 'YouTube sensation.' - Author: Kelly Corrigan
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#13. I agree that someone falling down is really funny, and I can go on YouTube and watch people falling. It makes me laugh. - Author: Nathan Fielder
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#14. As we're staggering out of the hospital, I don't remember doing this because I was still high, but apparently I turned to the entire operating room staff and screamed "Hey! I'd better not see this on YouTube!" - Author: Bill Engvall
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#15. Making YouTube videos while I was in school, I was fortunate enough not to really have any negative repercussions from it. I had a lot of positive feedback from my friends, who thought they were great and thought they were funny and that what I was doing was really cool. - Author: Connor Franta
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#16. I wish I knew how to quit you, Tumblr. - Author: John Green
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#17. I think it's a sensible thing not to read your fan mail - not to take it too seriously. - Author: Robin Trower
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#18. It's funny to think of Dave Chappelle's show and how popular it was and he was before YouTube. I would imagine 'Chappelle's Show' would be even more giant if there was a chance to put his stuff online and pass it around. - Author: Paul Scheer
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#19. I watch vlogs on YouTube. I watch Jenna Marbles a lot - I think she's really funny - and a lady called Daily Grace. - Author: Maisie Williams
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#20. I make funny videos. I hate saying I'm a comedian because then people stick their finger in your face and demand you tell a joke. But the other thing people call me is 'a YouTube sensation,' which is even worse. - Author: Katie Nolan
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#21. He hated YouTube. He wished it would die of mad cow disease. - Author: Andrea Speed
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#22. I do all of marketing and promotion - it's the most exhaustive and rewarding part of the process and I wouldn't trade it for anything. The artist should be the person representing their brand because theyre the best person to do so. - Author: Hoodie Allen
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#23. She'd already learned that pretty exposes you and pretty hides you and like most girls, she hadn't yet learned how to navigate the difference. - Author: Brit Bennett
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#24. Without having read to the end of the book, he knew that that must be Goldstein's final message. The future belonged to the proles. - Author: George Orwell
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#25. The first time I was on TV, on "Flight of the Conchords," someone put up a YouTube clip and said, 'You're too ugly to be on TV.' And I was like, 'That is exactly why it's a good thing that I'm on TV.' - Author: Kristen Schaal
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#26. Forget the Bible, the greatest argument against human evolution is a YouTube comment thread. - Author: Damien Fahey
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#27. Comedy was something I picked up trying to perfect my art through spoken word. I got on YouTube just to show off my poetry, and then people thought I was funny, so I ran with it. - Author: Spoken Reasons
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#28. And why is our music called world music? I think people are being polite. What they want to say is that it's third world music. Like they use to call us under developed countries, now it has changed to developing countries, it's much more polite. - Author: Miriam Makeba
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#29. God is action, complete with mistakes, fumblings, persistence, agony. God is not the power that has found eternal equilibrium, but the power that is forever breaking every equilibrium, forever searching for a higher one. - Author: Nikos Kazantzakis
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#30. This quote will self-destruct in ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Just kidding ... Or am I? - Author: Craig Benzine
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#31. There is respect for law, and then there is complicity in lawlessness. - Author: Rebecca MacKinnon
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