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Top 41 Youth And Change Quotes

#1. Combine nursing homes with nursery schools. Bring very old and very young together: they interest one another. - Author: John Cage
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#2. If you can capture the youth and change the way they think, then you can change the future. - Author: Nicholas D. Kristof And Sheryl WuDunn
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#3. [Self] Perception is directly proportional to performance. Change a youth's perception, and you change their performance, their future... and their life. - Author: Justin Young
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#4. I've spent so much of my youth trying to change people or change girls and then having it done to me and people wanting me to change. - Author: Chris Messina
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#5. Absorb youth and you will be absorbed by youth. Take on new influences without fear and you need not fear what is new. Change the people around you by changing the people around you. - Author: George Clinton
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#6. On Earth, we have a continuous influx of young people who are willing to change because they haven't had time to grow hard set in their ways. I suppose there's some optimum. A life long enough for real accomplishment and short enough to make way for youth at a rate that's not too slow. - Author: Isaac Asimov
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#7. The inherent dangers of youth will never change. Volatile hearts and ill-advised flirtations can hardly be compared to the hatred and slaughter of war. - Author: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
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#8. Time is never time at all. You can never ever leave without leaving a piece of youth. And our lives are forever changed. We will never be the same. The more you change, the less you feel. - Author: Billy Corgan
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#9. I haven't been very impressed lately.
By people,
or places,
or the way someone said he loved me and then slowly changed his mind. - Author: Charlotte Eriksson
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#10. Where wasteful Time debateth with decay
To change your day of youth to sullied night,
And all in war with Time for love of you,
As he takes from you, I engraft you new - Author: William Shakespeare
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#11. We have a powerful potential in out youth, and we must have the courage to change old ideas and practices so that we may direct their power toward good ends. - Author: Mary McLeod Bethune
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#12. In youth, it was a way I had, to do my best to please, and change with every passing lad to suit his theories. But now, I know the things I know and do the things I do, and if you do not like me so, to hell my love, with you." - Dorothy Parker - Author: Nicole Archer
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#13. Change is a contact sport. - Author: Romal J. Tune
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#14. What I didn't know until right this very minute was how growing up happens in little surges. We grow up in moments - when we encounter such stupidities in ourselves that our only choice is to grow past them or into them. Maybe that's why some kids grow up too fast and others not at all. - Author: Natalie C. Parker
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#15. You don't really think that things will ever get better, but they do. People always ask me, "What would you say to gay teen youth that are suicidal, or someone who is addicted right now?," and it's hard to say with words that things will change, but they do. - Author: Patty Schemel
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#16. It's sad that several political parties still count the dead, the starving, the unemployed by their religion, caste, creed and sect. The young generation needs to engage in politics of right vs wrong and not right vs left. - Author: Sharad Vivek Sagar
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#17. Every time I change wives I should burn the last one. That way I'd be rid of them. They wouldn't be around to complicate my existence. Maybe, that would bring back my youth, too. You kill the woman and you wipe out the past she represents. - Author: Pablo Picasso
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#18. The Arab awakening was driven by youth, organized by technology, and fired by a hunger for political change. - Author: Najib Razak
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#19. So may'st thou live, till like ripe fruit thou drop Into thy mother's lap, or be with ease Gathered, not harshly plucked, for death mature: This is old age; but then thou must outlive Thy youth, thy strength, thy beauty, which will change To withered weak and grey. - Author: John Milton
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#20. Most established novelists are writing books informed by experiences gained in their youth. Middle age is not the best time to be changing smartphones every six months or adopting new technology platforms - because we tend to get slower and less accommodating to change as we age. - Author: Charles Stross
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#21. I had always been a boy in this place, and many of the trees and rocks and streams had been old men when I knew them. Some had died. All had changed. I knew that. I had changed the most. - Author: Dan Groat
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#22. The future is shaped by young people foolish enough to believe they can topple a mountain. And yet, when we stand among the rubble, we wonder why no one tried sooner. - Author: Mitch Rowland
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#23. We look in our own backyard and say, 'How do we help at-risk families, at risk youth? How do we think through some of the problems affecting the Pacific Northwest and make some change there?' - Author: Melinda Gates
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#24. They don't want art that might actually change the community. They just want consumers. They don't want people to manufacture things. They'll do the manufacturing, and they just need people to buy it, need youth to buy it. - Author: Malik Yusef
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#25. When I look back at the past and think of all the time I squandered in error and idleness, ... then my heart bleeds. Life is a gift ... every minute could have been an eternity of happiness! If only youth knew! Now my life will change; now I will be reborn. - Author: Fyodor Dostoevsky
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#26. I remember being young in the 1960s ... we had a great sense of the future, a great big hope. This is what is missing in the youth today. This being able to dream and to change the world. - Author: Bernardo Bertolucci
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#27. The confirmed prejudices of a thoughtful life are as hard to change as the confirmed habits of an indolent life; and as some must trifle away age because they trifled away youth, others must labor on in a maze of error because they have wandered there too long to find their way out. - Author: Henry St John, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke
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#28. Young people think they never can change, but they do in the most wonderful manner, and very few die of broken hearts. - Author: Louisa May Alcott
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#29. Don't rebel, but give God the opportunity to change your life and help you over the problems of youth, for they are many. - Author: Billy Graham
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#30. Yeah, I've had an odd youth, But I wouldn't know the difference if I'd lived it any other way. And I wouldn't change any of it because I quite like what I'm doing. - Author: Estella Warren
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#31. One could say Youth is power of country then my question is-who is youth?
sorry to say but you are not youth. Youth is your thoughts, your inspiration and Your initiatives. So take a step to make a change - Author: Prakhar Srivastav
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#32. I'd finally given her what she wanted,
the elixir of eternal youth, effected by the removal of her internal fire (the
catalyst of change) through the agency of death. - Author: K.J. Parker
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#33. You have so much power to bring awareness, prevention and change. - Author: Ashley Judd
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#34. We spend our youth attempting to change the future, he explained, and the rest of our lives trying to preserve the past. - Author: Christopher Fowler
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#35. I know that age, it's a particularly obstinate one, and a thousand bogies won't make you fear the future. A pity we can't change over. - Author: Daphne Du Maurier
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#36. Like John Kennedy in 1960, Obama combines youth, vigor, and good looks with the promise of political change. Like Kennedy, he grew up in unusual circumstances that distance him from ordinary American life. - Author: Virginia Postrel
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#37. Nature felt no change, and was ever young. - Author: Elizabeth Gaskell
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#38. There's a reason why I've spent one-third of my life doing this. My dream is to meet and connect 3 billion young people of the world to information and opportunities in my lifetime. - Author: Sharad Vivek Sagar
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#39. Youth's longing misconceived inconsistency.
Those whom I deemed
Changed to my kin, the friends of whom I dreamed,
Have aged and lost our old affinity:
One has to change to stay akin to me. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#40. I thought people cared about music in a deep way, so I was writing to that spirit in people and in myself. It was me, thinking I knew what was up. Youth, who else can change the world? - Author: Kevin Eubanks
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#41. Happy the youth who believes that his duty is to remake the world and bring it more in accord with virtue and justice, more in accord with his own heart. Woe to whoever commences his life without lunacy. - Author: Nikos Kazantzakis
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