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#1. I've had the same friends for ten, fifteen years. - Author: Jeanne Tripplehorn
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#2. Being self-confident doesn't necessarily start inside. It starts with the rest of the world and leads back to you. - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#3. He had learned to get along without her. Her meaning was forgotten. There was no place for her in his scheme of things, as there was no place for him in hers. - Author: Jack London
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#4. I think, perhaps, you are more free than I am. - Author: Maryann Austin
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#5. Well, I hate to tell youbut if you have a flu shot for more than five years in a row, there's ten times the likelihood that you'll get Alzheimer's disease. - Author: Bill Maher
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#6. Music was in the air when I was growing up. My siblings Katy, Dave and Phil were musical; my dad worked in inner-city New York where a musical revolution was taking place - folk music, rock n' roll, gospel music. My sister taught me to sing. My brothers taught me to play. - Author: Sam Barry
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#7. Are men like babies? Is trying to distract them a better tactic than asking them to behave reasonably? - Author: Sophie Hannah
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#8. If you have a solid friendship before dating, there's this understanding that you can be just youBut you should still have fun hooking up! - Author: Tyler Blackburn
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#9. The inevitableness, the idealism, and the blessing of war, as an indispensable and stimulating law of development, must be repeatedly emphasized. - Author: Friedrich Von Bernhardi
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#10. "Iraq and Afghanistan ...are now democracies and they are allies in the cause of freedom and peace." - Author: George W. Bush
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#11. A leader needs enough understanding to fashion an intelligent strategy. - Author: John P. Kotter
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#12. I want to talk about jobs, the economy, foreclosures. I want to talk about energy prices. - Author: Dean Heller
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#13. With love you could persuade a Pathan to go to Hell, but by force you couldn't even take him to Heaven. - Author: Manreet Sodhi Someshwar
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#14. Justice for some people is an evil for others. Good intentions, kindness, and hope will not necessarily make people happy. - Author: Gen Urobuchi
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