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#1. Forget not, never forget that you have promised me to use this silver to become an honest man ... Jean Valjean, my brother: you belong no longer to evil, but to good. It is your soul that I am buying for you. I withdraw it from dark thoughts and from the spirit of perdition, and I give it to God! - Author: Victor Hugo
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#2. Today, if we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other-that man, that woman, that child is my brother or my sister. If everyone could see the image of God in his neighbor, do you think we would still need tanks and generals? - Author: Mother Teresa
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#3. If it is true, if it is beautiful, if it is honorable, if it is right, then claim it. Because it is from God. And you belong to God. - Author: Rob Bell
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#4. You either belong wholly to the world or wholly to God. - Author: John Vianney
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#5. It's because when God adopts you into His family, you belong to Him. He stamps His name on you. A name that comes with His protection. And His birthright, which is eternity and the power to live with joy on this earth. - Author: Susan May Warren
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#6. The power of giving life and taking by death belong to God alone. He won't allow what He hasn't already ordained. And since He fixed the number of days your mother would walk on this earth, neither you nor anyone could do anything to prolong it, not even if you helped in a dozen ways. - Author: Jody Hedlund
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#7. If there is but one God, then why must blood be shed to prove whose God he is? Does the Father not belong to all of us as we belong to him? Do you think he'll call me a righteous man when I've killed one of his sons? - Author: P.A. Minyard
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#8. If you belong to Jesus Christ, you are called to live a life of purity and holiness. God wants your mind to be shaped by Him so that your thoughts and goals reflect Christ. - Author: Billy Graham
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#9. Learn spiritual sciences, to recognize God and gain access to Him, no matter what religion or sect you belong to! - Author: Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi
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#10. Anger and bitterness are two noticeable signs of being focused on self and not trusting God's sovereignty in your life. When you believe that God causes all things to work together for good to those who belong to Him and love Him, you can respond to trials with joy instead of anger or bitterness. - Author: John C. Broger
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#11. Mary had said: "Your father and I have been looking for you anxiously." Jesus corrects her: I am with my father. My father is not Joseph, but another - God himself. It is to him that I belong, and here I am with him. Could Jesus' divine sonship be presented any more clearly? - Author: Pope Benedict XVI
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#12. The word of the Lord is this: "Just bless those that persecute you and ask for Justice, for the battle does not belong to you but God. God is able to restore your credibility with man even when things seem like that could be impossible. Speak to the storm and release peace." - Author: Julia Loren
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#13. Your eyes should never be lent to the devil; they belong to God. Be careful how you use your eyes! - Author: Billy Graham
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#14. I realized you don't need to belong to any fuckin' edifice or ascribe to any dogma to have a relationship with God, to be a good person. You just have to be a good person. - Author: Ron Perlman
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#15. You do not own the molecules. They are stardust. They belong to God. What you do own is your soul. Nobody can take that away from you. - Author: Hugh MacLeod
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#16. Every year when I stands first in my class, Ma gives me the advice: Daughter, she say, never be gamandi. What you have, given to you by God. You just a basket into which God puts the flowers. Flowers not belong to you. They belongs to God. Same way, your clever belong to God. - Author: Thrity Umrigar
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#17. We belong to the One mastering God: you belong to the republic of playful gods. - Author: Maurice Samuel
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#18. Always remember that you belong to no one, and no one belongs to you. Reflect that some day you will suddenly have to leave everything in this world - so make the acquaintanceship of God now. - Author: Lahiri Mahasaya
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#19. Choose a single, sacred word or phrase that captures something of the flavor of your intimate relationship with God. A word such as Jesus, Abba, Peace, God or a phrase such as "Abba, I belong to you." ... Without moving your lips, repeat the sacred word inwardly, slowly, and often. - Author: Brennan Manning
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#20. Attribute to God every good that you have received. If you take credit for something that does not belong to you, you will be guilty of theft. - Author: Anthony Of Padua
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#21. Because you are created in God's image, you belong to no one, not to me, not to your mother, not even to yourself, you only belong to Him, WHo made yu and gave you His life. - Author: Shaw J. Dallal
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#22. You are not subject to the systems or structures of this world, you belong to the kingdom of God, the kingdom of Glory, Prosperity, Beauty and Honor- where sickness is foreign. - Author: Moroaswi Tumiso Victor
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#23. Part of her had hoped he would say something like, "I want you, Katie. You belong to me now. I'll take care of you." He didn't say that. But his answer was the best one, really. "You belong to Christ, Katie. - Author: Robin Jones Gunn
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#24. Always be joyful. 17 Never stop praying. 18 Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. - Author: Anonymous
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#25. The old saying is true: "We are saved by faith alone, but saving faith is never alone." If you belong to God, you will persevere in doing good. You will not be perfect, but you will persevere with patience. - Author: James Johnston
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#26. When I came to Los Angeles, it was the first time that I ever felt like I belong somewhere. Not because it was wacky, but because people here understood what I felt like to perform, and there were other kids my age who wanted to do it. I didn't get looked at as God, you freak. - Author: Jennifer Love Hewitt
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#27. You belong neither to God nor the state nor me. You belong to yourself and no one else. - Author: Oriana Fallaci
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#28. Like Jesus we belong to the world living not for ourselves but for others. Give yourself fully to God. He will use you to accomplish great things on the condition that you believe much more in His love than in your own weakness. - Author: Mother Teresa
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#29. You are to think of yourself as only existing in this world to do God's will. To think that you are your own is as absurd as to think you are self-created. It is an obvious first principle that you belong completely to God. - Author: William Law
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#30. You do not belong to yourself, you belong to God - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#31. 115The East and the West belong to God: wherever you turn, there is His Face.b God is all pervading and all knowing. - Author: Anonymous
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#32. Jesus demands to be Master and Lord of every part of your life. Is He Lord of your mind, of what you think, read, and believe? Of what you dream about, meditate on, and entertain yourself with? Do your eyes belong to Christ? Can [you] ask God's blessing on it? Can [you] do this to the glory of God? - Author: Billy Graham
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#33. Since many of you do not belong to the Catholic Church and others are non-believers, from the bottom of my heart I give this silent blessing to each and every one of you, respecting the conscience of each one of you but knowing that each one of you is a child of God. - Author: Pope Francis
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#34. Your problems are not just your problems. Ultimately, they belong to the church body that God has placed you in. - Author: Francis Chan
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#35. All of you desire to belong entirely to God, and God also wants all of you to belong to Him - Author: Vincent De Paul
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