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Top 11 You Are Worth Alot Quotes

#1. I think the Greeks invented sports as an antidote to philosophy. In sports there are absolute rules. It's not, What about this? What about that? Either you're safe or you're out. It's ten yards or it's not. It's in the hoop or out of the hoop. It's certain. - Author: Jack Nicholson
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#2. We must abandon the external height images in which the theistic God has historically been perceived and replace them with internal depth images of a deity who is not apart from us, but who is the very core and ground of all that is. - Paul Tillich - Author: Diana Butler Bass
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#3. Lisa's baby was due about now. I've decided she had it and it was a girl. I've named her Rachel. - Author: Susan Beth Pfeffer
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#4. In the midst of these pleasing ideas we should be unfaithful to ourselves if we should ever lose sight of the danger to our liberties if anything partial or extraneous should infect the purity of our free, fair, virtuous, and independent elections. - Author: Samuel Adams
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#5. Charles stepped forward, looking outraged. 'Him?' he cried. 'But I clobbered him! You can't marry him, Ally. - Author: Marissa Doyle
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#6. Life is a comical business, and there is
nothing funnier than love traveling through time. - Author: Mario Puzo
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#7. A figure who receives money from abroad for his political work, and thus serves some foreign interest, cannot be a politician in Russia. - Author: Vladimir Putin
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#8. The weatherman is not only blamed for his failure to foretell, he is blamed for the weather itself. - Author: Chuck Jones
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#9. I don't have alot of people to talk to. Not alot of people are worth my time. - Author: Julie Anne Peters
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#10. I played some Yamaha drums that I like a lot. And I like the Yamaha people a lot too. They've been really nice to me and The Band. - Author: Levon Helm
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#11. This president failed so miserably in diplomacy that we are now forced to war. - Author: Tom Daschle
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