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#1. The only engine big enough to impact Mother Nature is Father Greed. - Author: Thomas Friedman
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#2. Man wants little, nor that little long. - Author: Edward Young
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#3. Your body must be disciplined like a child, calmly but forcefully. You are, in fact, reeducating your body and as the various areas are convinced that you are serious, they will begin to obey. Your body is your child. - Author: Richard Hittleman
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#4. There is no such uncertainty as a sure thing. - Author: Robert Burns
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#5. Anger can be borne - it can even be satisfying - if it can gather into words and explode in a storm, or a rapier-sharp attack. But without these means of ventilation, it only turns back inward, building and swirling like a head of stream - building to an impotent, murderous rage. - Author: Eva Hoffman
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#6. There is no more mercy in him than there is milk in a male tiger. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#7. Gastronomy is my hobby. I'm simply the casting director. Once I've brought all the right people together, it is they who must work together to tell a story. - Author: Alain Ducasse
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#8. He did not blame them. Because in truth, that's what he did, what he was. Seduce and dominate. Charm and manipulate. A user of women. How they would scoff, Rothbury mused bitterly, if they knew that he was secretly in love with the silly little chit, spectacles and all. - Author: Olivia Parker
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#9. Whoa," said Nico as he climbed off the bus. "Is that a climbing wall?"
"Yeah," I (Percy) said.
"Why is there lava pouring down it?"
"Little extra challenge ... " - Percy - Author: Rick Riordan
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#10. It's better to be disliked for who you are than liked for who you are not. - Author: Steven Aitchison
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#11. After I left school, where I studied art, photography and textiles at A-level, I started doing an apprenticeship in interior design, but I wasn't really enjoying it very much, so I decided to do something creative, and in 2009, I began blogging. - Author: Zoe Sugg
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#12. North Carolina precinct chairman and GOP executive committee member Don Yelton thinks his state's new voting restrictions are just fine. - Author: Aasif Mandvi
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#13. Sometimes we crash and burn. It's better to do it in private. - Author: Dean Kamen
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#14. I think you had the GOP down there in North Carolina reaching out to African-American voters and this guy coming on television and using the N-word and saying what Don Yelton said. - Author: Aasif Mandvi
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