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#1. I'm a millionaire, but I cut the grass. And each time I cut it, it's my grass. And that is satisfying.

Chuck Berry

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#2. The god of creation broke me from stone
The mountain's the only ma I've known
My pa is the blue sky sheltering me
So stone I am and stone I'll be

Shannon Hale

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#3. Working hard is very important. You're not going to get anywhere without working extremely hard.

George Lucas

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#4. You're great at fixing things. If anyone could do it, you could. But you can't do this one. You can't fix me. I'm broke.

Lili St. Crow

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#5. I know what it is to be pushed in a direction you don't want to go, or one you're not ready for. People say they know what's best for you. Maybe sometimes it's true. But it doesn't matter if they keep pushing until they take your choices away.

Nora Roberts

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#6. We have come to know Man as he really is. After all, man is that being who invented the gas chambers of Auschwitz; however, he is also that being who entered those gas chambers upright.

Viktor E. Frankl

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#7. We are eternally Spiritual Beings, even in human form.

Jacqueline Lunger

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#8. Before I met Ayn Rand, I was a logical positivist, and accordingly, I didn't believe in absolutes, moral or otherwise. If I couldn't prove a proposition with facts and figures, it was without merit.

Alan Greenspan

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#9. We will hire someone with less experience, less education, and less expertise, than someone who has more of those things and has a rotten attitude. Because we can train people. We can teach people how to lead. We can teach people how to provide customer service. But we can't change their DNA.

Herb Kelleher

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#10. Aristophanes says we were all four-legged creatures to start, some the same sex, but most half man and half woman. Zeus was afraid us humans would get too powerful so he sliced us right down the middle, and everybody spends their life looking for the matching piece.

Scott Turow

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#11. showing Carla and Erik with Father. It had been taken a couple of years ago on a sunny day at the beach

Ken Follett

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#12. Bez blew out a breath and leaned heavily against the bar. Honestly, D, you're better off busting your subversive cherry with something else. A nice werewolf killing. A vampire blood drive.

Laura Oliva

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