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#1. patriotism, vitiated by the growing global diaspora, has become parochial, a tarnished, disappearing virtue. - Author: William Manchester
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#2. The way I figure is we win as a team and we lose as a team, but I've got to figure out some way where I can have a better April and help the team get off to a better start. I normally heat up when it gets warm, but it would be nice to come out of April and everybody is chasing you. - Author: Albert Belle
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#3. Don't let yourself be blinded by your rage in quarrels, that will only lead to mistakes and death, and remember that bravery is worth nothing if it's not matched by intelligence. - Author: Anonymous
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#4. The learned fool writes his nonsense in better language than the unlearned, but it is still nonsense. - Author: Benjamin Franklin
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#5. This is the place I finally learned what it meant
to dance alone to the song you put in my chest.
Thanks for the symphony.
I can still hear it when I think of you,
and it is so much like remembering. - Author: Caitlyn Siehl
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#6. There is no point when all the material benefits of the world add up to a general state of happiness. It is the Great Misconception. - Author: Tarek Saab
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#7. A man who is very busy seldom changes his opinions. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#8. The United States created the best popular songs that were ever written, and from the 1920s to the 1940s, it was a renaissance period. It stopped in 1950. - Author: Tony Bennett
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#9. Making people laugh is giving, and it's healing, too, when people can go up to the movies and forget about their problems. It's a good thing. That's why I want to work. - Author: Chris Tucker
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#10. Man and wife are equally concerned, to avoid all offence of each other, in the beginning of their conversation. Every little thing can blast an infant blossom. - Author: Jeremy Taylor
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#11. Real fulfillment, for the man who allows absolutely free rein to his desires, and who much dominate everything, lies in hatred. - Author: Albert Camus
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#12. H is for Hardware store: I'd rather go to the hardware store than the opera. And I like the opera. - Author: Marlene Dietrich
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#13. Do you hear what the music is saying? 'Come follow me and you will find the way. Your mistakes can also lead you to the truth. When you ask, the answer will be given.' - Author: Rumi
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#14. Schools are no longer legally segregated, but because of residential patterns, housing discrimination, economic disparities and long-held custom, they most emphatically are in reality. - Author: Bob Herbert
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#15. Thee may tell Aunt Janet from me that she might as well try to stop the stars in their courses as to try to stop a love affair. - Author: Hannah Whitall Smith
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