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Top 10 Yearbook Autographs Sayings

#1. We need to remember that the primary goal of Aikido is harmony and good relations between people. If we don't cultivate a harmonious heart along with technical skill, there will be a lack of integration in our practice, which will show up in behavior off the mat.

Linda Holiday

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#2. Henrietta's were different: they reproduced an entire generation every twenty-four hours, and they never stopped. They became the first immortal human cells ever grown in a laboratory.

Rebecca Skloot

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#3. In this kiss is declaration. In it is acceptance. In it is passion and perseverance, hope and happiness. In it is everything I've ever needed and everything I never thought I'd want. It's everything because she's everything.

M. Leighton

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#4. I think people get mad because I make more direct records.

Kool Keith

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#5. It is funnier to bend things than to break them.

W.C. Fields

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#6. As a little boy of eleven I entered the Cadet Corps. I was not particularly eager to become a Cadet, but my father wished it. So my wishes were not consulted.

Manfred Von Richthofen

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#7. What I find fascinating is the idea that we all have a physical brain, but we also have this mental part, and we have to figure out how they work together.

Sam Kean

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#8. SARC- is my second favorite -ASM word

Darynda Jones

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#9. With the fans and the Toronto Maple Leafs organization, the way I've been treated here has been awesome.

Mats Sundin

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#10. Even if a farmer intends to loaf, he gets up in time to get an early start.

E.W. Howe

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