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#1. When man learns that man is man's greatest asset he will serve his fellowman instead of killing him as he does now for material values. - Author: Lao Russell
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#2. In a way, all sociologists are akin to Marxists because of their inclination to settle everyone's accounts but their own. - Author: Raymond Aron
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#3. When love's the culmination / of everything you feel / then it's the only thing that's precious / it's the only thing that's real - Author: Kim Wilde
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#4. This crime called blasphemy was invented by priests for the purpose of defending doctrines not able to take care of themselves. - Author: Robert Green Ingersoll
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#5. Feeling grateful is good; showing appreciation to those you feel grateful to is sublime. - Author: Andy Lacroix
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#6. CERN is a concrete example of worldwide, international co-operation - and a concrete example of peace. The place which makes, in my opinion, better scientists, but also better people. - Author: Fabiola Gianotti
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#7. I am constantly swimming on the margin, neither 100% American, French, nor Lebanese. I am none of those. I am the result of those three. Sometimes it's an asset: no one can put you in a category. That I do not make typical Lebanese, European or American films does not bother me. - Author: Ziad Doueiri
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#8. Tell me you want me even if you didn't have demon blood." Because I don't have demon blood and I still want you. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#9. That which we do not call education is more precious than that which we call so. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#10. Anything you do from the heart enriches you, but sometimes not till years later. - Author: Mignon McLaughlin
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#11. Mel Blanc is a hero because of what he could do with his voice for all the Looney Tunes, the Warner Brothers cartoons, to be the voice of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Porky Pig. - Author: Nicolas Cage
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