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Top 14 Xzibit Funny Quotes

#1. Slow and steady wins the race, then wastes no time grinding salt-caked glass in your open wounds. - Author: R. K. Milholland
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#2. An artist paints, dances, draws, writes, designs, or acts at the expanding edge of consciousness. We press into the unknown rather than the known. This makes life lovely and lively. - Author: Julia Cameron
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#3. He was a mystery that - for reasons I didn't quite understand - I felt desperate to solve. - Author: Jennifer E. Smith
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#4. My whole approach to wardrobe is, throw it in a suitcase and make sure they don't press it, for Pete's sake, so I can try to display some rumpled charm. Actually, I'm just a pig. I've got coffee stains on my pants. I think they're coffee stains, anyway. - Author: Mel Gibson
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#5. Without time management, you lose control of your life and do what other people tell you to do. You lose control and become a puppet that everyone can control and manipulate. - Author: Thomas Miller
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#6. The aim of mathematics is to explain as much as possible in simple terms. - Author: Michael Atiyah
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#7. The road is long and the end is death, he thought, remembering all the times his mother had said that. If we're lucky. - Author: Pamela Freeman
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#8. In the city, you're always looking around, observing everything. In some neighborhoods, your life can depend on it. The details change constantly. - Author: Mark Bradford
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#9. It's hard to feel alive when you've been obliterated inside, hard to feel real when you no longer remember how to dream. - Author: J.M. Darhower
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#10. I forgot how fucking gorgeous you are when you fall apart for me. - Author: Ella Frank
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#11. My son, there is no rest for me. That which Sri Ramakrishna called "Kali" took possession of my body and soul three or four days before his passing away. That makes me work and work and never lets me keep still or look to my personal comfort. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
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#12. Mix up a little more shadow color here, then we can put us a little shadow right in there. See how you can move things around? You have unlimited power on this canvas
can literally, literally move mountains - Author: Bob Ross
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#13. That which we say and do, if its effects last not beyond our lives, is unimportant. - Author: Albert Pike
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#14. It seems to me the structure of the Quartets is too imposed. - Author: Paul Muldoon
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