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#1. A good watch may serve to keep a recconing at Sea for some days and to know the time of a Celestial Observ[at]ion: and for this end a good Jewel watch may suffice till a better sort of Watch can be found out. But when the Longitude at sea is once lost, it cannot be found again by any watch. - Author: Isaac Newton
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#2. Before you came
the world was prose.
Now poetry is born. - Author: Nizar Qabbani
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#3. I've had my fills of cocaine and pills. - Author: Elton John
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#4. You have not thought things through, he said. By his standards it was a brutal insult. - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
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#5. MOST PEOPLE have no knowledge or understanding of the psychological changes of captivity. Social judgment of chronically traumatized people therefore tends to be extremely harsh. - Author: Judith Lewis Herman
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#6. I don't abandon stories once I've started working on them. Once I sit down and start a story, I'll be damned if I'm going to give up on it. But I do reject most of the ideas for stories that I come up with. - Author: Kelly Link
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#7. Downloadable music is the biggest musical phenomenon since the Beatles, and the music industry is slow to come to grips with that. - Author: Chuck D
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#8. A human-being is not a human-being while his tendencies include self-indulgence, covetousness, temper and attacking other people - Author: Al-Ghazali
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#9. Meditation is not an act, it is a quality. Meditation is not something that you do - it is something that you become. - Author: Jaggi Vasudev
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#10. Arrogance, ignorance, and incompetence. Not a pretty cocktail of personality traits in the best of situations. No sirree. Not a pretty cocktail in an office-mate and not a pretty cocktail in a head of state. In fact, in a leader, it's a lethal cocktail. - Author: Graydon Carter
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#11. The purpose of influence is to "speak up for those who have no influence." (Pr.31:8) It's not about you. - Author: Rick Warren
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#12. It doesn't matter if you're winning or losing. What matters is that you're playing. - Author: Lisa M. Cronkhite
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#13. The most used program in computers and education is PowerPoint. What are you learning about the nature of the medium by knowing how do to a great PowerPoint presentation? Nothing. It certainly doesn't teach you how to think critically about living in a culture of simulation. - Author: Sherry Turkle
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#14. Going from idea to production is a huge hurdle. It took me a while to overcome it. It's basically all about self discipline, right? - Author: Gene Luen Yang
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