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Top 78 Writing And Publishing Quotes

#1. Then l learned to play guitar and l started writing songs and my mother formed for me a publishing business, so we started publishing and managing artists. - Author: Tommy Rettig
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#2. The road to publication can be rough, take snacks and a friend. - Author: Elizabeth Hein
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#3. Publishing is a business and writing is an art. The two have to be crammed together despite the clearly different motivations behind them. - Author: Michelle M. Pillow
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#4. One of the saddest things about publishing is how quickly it ages what it touches. The frenzy involved in getting books on shelves, and in putting the word out that they're there, moves at a speed that is not the speed of writing, let alone of reading. - Author: Walter Kirn
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#5. It's my belief that you should never show your work to anyone in the publishing world until it shines like a diamond. Rough drafts don't shine, as a rule. Mine certainly didn't. That's why I was rejected for years and years. - Author: Patrick Rothfuss
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#6. Nowadays, the Internet decides if you're good, not the big man in the big office. No matter how important that man thinks he is, everyone else knows that he's not important anymore, and the Internet decides these things, here in the modern age. - Author: Alexei Maxim Russell
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#7. There are three certainties in a writer's life: death, taxes, and rejection letters. - Author: T.L. Rese
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#8. Write a lot and don't think about publishing - just the writing. - Author: Jeffrey Brown
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#9. Publishing is a business. Writing may be art, but publishing, when all is said and done, comes down to dollars. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
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#10. I was writing for a publishing company in this old building right next to the RCA Victor Studio in Nashville. We were on the top floor, and Combine Music was on the bottom floor. I was friends with all those guys. - Author: Donnie Fritts
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#11. For twenty years I have sat alone at a desk tinkering with sentences and then sending them out, and for most of my literary life the difference between throwing something in the trash and publishing it was imperceptible... - Author: Rebecca Solnit
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#12. Writing a novel takes creativity. Publishing it takes courage - Author: M.L. Kilian
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#13. 'Harry Potter' opened so many doors for young adult literature. It really did convince the publishing industry that writing for children was a viable enterprise. And it also convinced a lot of people that kids will read if we give them books that they care about and love. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#14. Publishing is a business, and I completely understand it. But when you don't have to depend on writing for your identity or your income, you can do whatever you want. - Author: Hanya Yanagihara
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#15. In old days books were written by men of letters and read by the public. Nowadays books are written by the public and read by nobody. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#16. You'll learn that the key to a great book is editing - grinding, buffing, and polishing - not writing. - Author: Guy Kawasaki
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#17. After I started publishing poetry I got to teach creative writing. Eventually I was promoted and even got tenure. But then I felt compelled to drop everything and move. But I've been teaching for a long time. More than four decades. - Author: Joan Larkin
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#18. The publishers, as I remember at the very beginning of my career, wrote letters with their fountain pens. A letter is different from a phone call or fax. It's a different kind of intimacy. That pervaded the entire business of writing and publishing. - Author: James Salter
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#19. Starting your book is only the first five miles of a twenty-six-mile marathon that's one-third of a triathlon (authoring, publishing, and entrepreneuring). - Author: Guy Kawasaki
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#20. If you write in the Old World, and against it, your work must die, go missing, be veiled, before it can live the life for which it was destined in the New World. - Author: Patrick Nowell-Smith
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#21. The big trinity of publishing: mystery, thrillers and romance. If you can combine all three, then it's a winner's trifecta and you'll be rich beyond your dreams. - Author: Dermot Davis
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#22. I hope that, whatever happens within the publishing industry, because of the increased control writers have of their own careers, better sales information and the advent of the internet, that ultimately this change in our working environment will be a change for the better. - Author: Sara Sheridan
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#23. One of the things that probably drew me to writing was that it was something you could get on with by yourself. Publishing means going public. But the actual activity could scarcely be more invisible. And private. - Author: Graham Swift
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#24. Still, to be urged to write and to be urged to publish are two different things and nobody so far was urging her to do the latter. - Author: Alan Bennett
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#25. Some writers aren't writers, they are mere escapees' and refugees' on an exile from the jungle of thoughts. - Author: Michael Bassey Johnson
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#26. Publishing in a way doesn't have a lot to do with writing, and writing doesn't have a lot to do with publishing. - Author: Jennifer Gilmore
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#27. There's a lot more to publishing a book than writing it and slapping a cover on it. - Author: Vince Flynn
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#28. No nation ancient or modern ever lost the liberty of freely speaking, writing, or publishing their sentiments, but forthwith lost their liberty in general and became slaves. - Author: John Peter Zenger
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#29. I always tell students that writing a poem and publishing it are two quite separate things, and you should write what you have to write, and if you're afraid it's going to upset someone, don't publish it. - Author: Wendy Cope
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#30. To call yourself an author takes publishing one book. To call yourself an inspirational author is the work of a lifetime that requires being constantly kicked in the stomach, only to get back up on your feet and show the world how you survived it each time. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#31. If writing and publishing a book is like giving birth to a child, then book marketing is like rearing it. - Author: Heather Hart
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#32. Go APE: Author a great book, Publish it quickly, and Entrepreneur your way to success. Self-publishing isn't easy, but it's fun and sometimes even lucrative. Plus, your book could change the world. - Author: Guy Kawasaki
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#33. I want to keep publishing books, and writing and spreading my heartsong through the world. - Author: Mattie Stepanek
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#34. What's funny about that is when I was writing Twilight just for myself and not thinking of it as a book, I was not thinking about publishing, and yet at the same time I was casting it in my head. Because when I read books, I see them very visually. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
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#35. So long as readers keep reading and my publishers keep publishing, I plan to keep on writing. I'd have to be an idiot to be burnt-out in this job. - Author: Lee Child
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#36. In New York I was always so scared of saying that I wrote fiction. It just seemed like, 'Who am I to dare to do that thing here? The epicenter of publishing and writers?' I found all that very intimidating and avoided writing as a response. - Author: Jhumpa Lahiri
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#37. Try being an indie author, a minority author, a woman, and a person with health issues in the world of traditional - that's where you are clearly 'different' and marginalized. I am all of that, yet I am still here and smiling. Life is good! - Author: Kailin Gow
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#38. Writing the novel felt so private to me! I think publishing a novel is quite public and exposing, and what's a little frightening to me right now is the fact that it feels so entirely opposed to the privacy that is writing. - Author: Garth Greenwell
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#39. Until I became a nurse, no one had ever asked me to sign a book contract. I had been writing for decades, read thousands of books, and even worked in publishing for 10 years. Who knew that nursing would be my break? - Author: Steven Amsterdam
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#40. I've always felt writing is an art. Publishing is a business. I felt strongly if I was going to write, I would write what I wanted to, and if the 'market' didn't respond, there was nothing I could really do about it. - Author: M.J. Rose
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#41. With writing and publishing, my only aim is to live in the aesthetic pleasure dome. - Author: Ken Baumann
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#42. I will continue to write what I love to read, and the fact that it doesn't sell as well as romance or sci-fi or fantasy isn't the point. - Author: Joanna Penn
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#43. Writing a book and not publishing it, is like building a boat and never sailing it - UNTHINKABLE! - Author: Tony Jones
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#44. I think that writing and publishing are different. I think I will always write; I might not always publish. The idea of not publishing is wonderful! - Author: Kate Zambreno
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#45. F(r)iction is the best of everything we've ever loved. F(r)iction is experimental. F(r)iction is strange. F(r)iction pokes the soft spots, touches nerves most would rather remain protected. F(r)iction is secrets and truths and most importantly - stories. F(r)iction is weird, in every respect. - Author: Tethered By Letters
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#46. Co-creation is much more work than writing somewhere in a hidden corner and then publishing your content. However, the benefits outweigh the costs. - Author: Alexander Osterwalder
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#47. An author's strong belief and enthusiasm will affect the writing of the book and often the publisher's commitment to it. - Author: Sterling Lord
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#48. I loved publishing; I loved working in the book industry, but I've been writing pretty much nonstop since I was 19. I realized very early on that I would need a day job, and I wanted one that was in books. - Author: Garth Nix
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#49. For a writer it's a genuinely interesting and hopefully profitable era that makes a variety of books available to a variety of readers, extending both what's available and who gets to read it. - Author: Sara Sheridan
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#50. Even though I've reached retirement age, I still plan to work - writing my investment newsletter, speaking at conferences, publishing books, and producing conferences like FreedomFest. - Author: Mark Skousen
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#51. Fame, money and the size of the market are not very important to me. What is, is writing a book that is worth doing and then publishing it. I don't write books for entertainment, for people to pass the time then throw away. - Author: Aidan Chambers
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#52. Everytime I write, it's a catharsis. Even if I never got paid for it, I'd feel compelled to do it. And that's what makes a true writer. It's not how many readers you have or how many publishing contracts. Do you love to write? Then you're an author. No one can take that away from you. - Author: Piper Vaughn
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#53. Anybody can write a book. But writing it well and making it sell - that's the hard part. - Author: Jay Taylor
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#54. Readership is highly dependent upon format and distribution as much as it is on content. - Author: Sara Sheridan
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#55. But I account the use that a man should seek of the publishing of his own writings before his death, to be but an untimely anticipation of that which is proper to follow a man, and not to go along with him. - Author: Francis Bacon
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#56. I haven't written a word of fiction since 2009. I have no desire to write fiction. I did what I did and it's done. There's more to life than writing and publishing fiction. There is another way entirely, amazed as I am to discover it at this late date. - Author: Philip Roth
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#57. A successful self-publisher must fill three roles: Author, Publisher, and Entrepreneur - or APE. - Author: Guy Kawasaki
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#58. It can be depressing when no one takes interest, and a lack of response makes the writer question why they're writing at all. To have one's writing rejected is like you, yourself, are being rejected. - Author: Elizabeth Clements
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#59. It takes great courage to write great books. Find your courage and find your voice. - Author: Kristen Lamb
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#60. In this age where people can become famous without doing anything, we are now encouraging a literary and publishing atmosphere where you must become famous before you can do anything. - Author: Daniel R. Thorne
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#61. Writers keep writing and publishers publishing - it never grows boring. - Author: Michael Dirda
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#62. For a while I never show anybody what I'm writing, and during that time I need the feeling that publishing is only an option. I might publish this, I might not. I think if I had to publish it, I might panic. - Author: Daniel Kehlmann
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#63. I think that the practice of writing every day was what made me remember that writing doesn't have anything to do with publishing books. It can be totally separate and private - a comforting thought. - Author: Nell Freudenberger
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#64. Apparently, my hopes, dreams and aspirations were no match against my poor spelling, punctuation and grammar. - Author: Red Red Rover
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#65. Like Elmore Leonard and Donald Westlake and Robert B. Parker and oh so many others, I want to die with my boots on, facedown on my keyboard if possible, in the middle of a sentence. - Author: Kristine Kathryn Rusch
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#66. We publish only to satisfy out craving for fame; there's no other motive except the even baser one of making money ... - Author: Thomas Bernhard
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#67. While writing my first 90 books, I was magazine editor, publisher, book publisher, executive, etc., so I was established in publishing. three of my seven or so books were biographies of sports stars and really opened doors for me in that area. - Author: Jerry B. Jenkins
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#68. All writing and publishing is very difficult, regardless of genre. There are going to be obstacles no matter what. - Author: Carrie Vaughn
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#69. I enjoy writing. Publishing ... not so much. I've been lucky to work with some very talented people in the publishing world, and the print industry has allowed me to write full time. - Author: J.A. Konrath
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#70. I wrote a book. It sucked. I wrote nine more books. They sucked, too. Meanwhile, I read every single thing I could find on publishing and writing, went to conferences, joined professional organizations, hooked up with fellow writers in critique groups, and didn't give up. Then I wrote one more book. - Author: Beth Revis
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#71. It's pretty interesting how it all started out. After The Voice, I got introduced to some of my publishing people. We were out in Los Angeles and they said to give them a call when the show was all said and done and they'd get me into the writing world. - Author: Curtis Grimes
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#72. After publishing a book, start writing the next. And repeat. Don't get hung up on overmarketing the books, focus more on getting more books out there - Author: Crissi Langwell
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#73. Author branding is the process of positioning an author as the center of attraction and influence, to be the preferred choice in a given theme, style, category, niche or genre - Author: Bernard Kelvin Clive
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#74. I was so naive about writing, I went to the public library and checked out the only volume they had on the topic - an academic treatise about publishing from the WWII era. - Author: Bruce Feiler
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#75. Writing is not a numbers game. You should focus more on reaching the hearts of readers and building fans more than publishing a plethora of books that no one may care about. - Author: Selena Haskins
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#76. Don't try to outguess what's going on in publishing, and write what you want to write. - Author: George Singleton
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#77. Given the current state of publishing, I think it helps to have a brand name on the cover of your book. Comedians are proven commodities with built-in audiences. They may not have the writing chops of a Dave Eggers, but they're salacious and funny and self-reflective. - Author: Michael Showalter
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#78. I really only have been seriously writing, finishing things and publishing things since January '91. - Author: Catherine Ryan Hyde
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