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#1. The City is a machine miraculously organised for extracting gold from the seas, airs, clouds, from barren lands, holds of ships, mines, plantations, cottage hearth-stones, trees and rocks; and he, wretchedly waiting in the exterior halls, could not even get his finger on one tiny, tiny lever. - Author: Christina Stead
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#2. For someone like myself in whom the ability to trust others is so cracked and broken that I am wretchedly timid and am forever trying to read the expression on people's faces. - Author: Osamu Dazai
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#3. To me the thought of oneself as low and humble is a sin and ignorance. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
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#4. Puffballs of vanity when they're not being absurdly violent; wretchedly unhappy in their mental prisons and too stubborn to open the door and escape. - Author: Deepak Chopra
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#5. But I don't understand things!" Danny burst out. "I do but I don't! People ... they feel things and I feel them, but I don't know what I'm feeling!" He looked down at his lap wretchedly. "I wish I could read. Sometimes Tony shows me signs and I can hardly read any of them. - Author: Stephen King
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#6. With respect to the books of the New Testament, particularly such parts as tell us of the resurrection and ascension of Christ, any person who could tell a story of an apparition, or of a man's walking, could have made such books; for the story is most wretchedly told. - Author: Thomas Paine
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#7. For a courageous man cannot die dishonorably, a man who has attained the consulship cannot die before his time, a philosopher cannot die wretchedly. - Author: Marcus Tullius Cicero
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#8. The gods confound the man who first found out How to distinguish hours! Confound him, too, Who in this place set up a sun-dial, To cut and hack my days so wretchedly Into small portions. - Author: Plautus
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#9. I just couldn't go there yet. Settle for less. I didn't want to process through anything. I didn't want to pick up any pieces. Lower my expectations. Get on with my less-than life. I didn't want to feel better about being still alive. Start compensating. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
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#10. She felt nervy as all her excitements turned into weaknesses - Author: Munia Khan
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#11. There were three of them, all with rapiers, and she had only a dagger. It would have been a wretchedly uneven fight, if she were human.
It was still a wretchedly uneven fight; it was just uneven in her favor. - Author: Rosamund Hodge
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#12. If people mean that man has in himself the power to work in partnership with God's grace they are most wretchedly deluding themselves. - Author: John Calvin
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#13. Caesar is not above the grammarians. - Author: Tiberius
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#14. Believe me, I wanted to say. I've tried. Oh, and also, I'm wretchedly in love with you. Keep it light. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
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#15. No, the true face is wretchedly simple and empty. The absolute joy in life, in friendship, in love, is learning about a person, deciphering them, taking each and every mask off to find a new one, waiting to be explored and understood. - Author: Tarun Shanker
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#16. I love you," she said wretchedly. "And if I were well, no power on earth could keep me away from you. If I were well, I would take you to my bed, and I would show you as much passion as any woman could. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#17. Ah, a time of his life shall come when he will have to repent, and think wretchedly of the pain he has caused another man; and then may he ache, and wish, and curse, and yearn - as I do now! - Author: Thomas Hardy
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#18. Time slowed. He was thinking in colors and sensations now, not words. The curve of her breast. The shimmer of her skin. The way her breath caught when he touched her - there. - Author: Rebecca Rivard
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#19. What's talent but the ability to get away with something? - Author: Tennessee Williams
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#20. My life is extremely full and wretchedly busy, and I feel that while my life drains energy from my work, my work in turn drains energy from my life. The result is, I am always playing catch-up spiritually. That is my thorn. - Author: Jan Karon
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#21. We can immortalise, glorify and canonise, but irk us and we are just as easily able to eviscerate you with a single blow of the pen where you will remain wretchedly exposed for all eternity.... - Author: Virginia Alison
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#22. I am weary seeing our laboring classes so wretchedly housed, fed, and clothed, while thousands of dollars are wasted every year over unsightly statues. If these great man must have outdoor memorials, let them be in the form of handsome blocks of buildings for the poor - Author: Elizabeth Cady Stanton
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#23. It awoke something in her, to see someone so kind and giving, so full-hearted, and yet so lost, so wretchedly bent on his own destruction. She had left home, ashamed of herself and the fury she'd caused, but now the prospect of love didn't seem like such a dangerous thing at all. He - Author: Leslie Parry
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#24. The best characters are always wretchedly flawed - Author: Danai Gurira
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#25. Had I been in love, I could not have been more wretchedly blind. But vanity, not love, has been my folly. - Author: Jane Austen
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#26. Poor America, of what avail is all her wealth, if the individuals comprising the nation are wretchedly poor? - Author: Emma Goldman
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#27. Anslinger's reefer madness did not caution even the seeds of efficient, intelligent, ruthless action ... The same goes for Hoover, sniveling Nixon, the whole miserable, wretchedly evil lot of them ... not a man among them who could have pulled off a successful coup in a banana republic. - Author: William S. Burroughs
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#28. As long as 'Pearl Harbor' stays in the past, it's perfect; when it wretchedly changes gears in the late going, it becomes the wrong kind of same old story: Hollywood stupidity and callowness, writ large across the sky. - Author: Stephen Hunter
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#29. My feet ached in my Cinderella shoes. I shifted my weight and wiggled my toes beneath the cutting Lucite straps. My Prince Charming had finally showed up, I thought wretchedly, and he was too damn late. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#30. I am the spirit that negates. And rightly so, for all that comes to be Deserves to perish wretchedly; 'Twere better nothing would begin. Thus everything that that your terms, sin, Destruction, evil represent - That is my proper element. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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#31. We priests are in some ways a sad group of men. Born into the world to render service to mankind, there is no one more wretchedly alone than the priest who does not measure up to his task. - Author: Shusaku Endo
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